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    Just joined today so i thought i should introduce myself.

    Im 31 years old and live with my hubby and miniature zoo. We live just beside Loch Lomond.

    I thought it would be nice to join a forum related to Scotland, so here i am!

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    Hi Hazel!

    By miniature zoo.... do you mean you have a lot of pets?

    I hear Loch Lamond is gorgeous!

    I'm an artist in Ohio. At present i teach knitting for a lot of my living. Today i'm working on my mailing lists and next class notices. I have a one exotic creature zoo. He looks suspiciously like a cat, but visitors soon see he doesn't sound like a cat, or walk on a leash like a cat, or enjoy being patted hard like a cat, etc.

    What are some of your interests?


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      Hiya! Nice to meet you

      Yep we have 9 pets

      Lets see i love watching horror movies, reading ~ my favourite author is Dean Koontz, but i'll pretty much read anything, i like spending time with my other half and our pets, i love coming online and i like cross~stitching too, but dont seem to have much time for it these days!

      I take it your cat has a mind of his own then, sounds familiar


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        A mind of his own and a valet too.

        Hey, i've done some cross-stitch, but mostly i do knitting now. It can be similar when you are working FairIsle and nordic color patterns, because you are trying to make a picture on a grid. I'm making a pair of mitts right now in four colors. The women who wrote the pattern though... errrrgh!... it's driving me nuts. I've ripped it out 8 times to get the right size in different parts of it, and my student who's also doing a pattern from this told me this morning she just ripped hers out for the third time. I had to do the braid and cuff on size ZERO needles!... that's so small it would drive anyone crazy!

        I'm a reader too, but i read more non-fiction than fiction. So you like scary stuff... do you read any Stephen King?


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          Welcome,Hazel You have joined a very good site,you will make many friends here I'm sure.
          Sounds like your an animal person too,my kind of person,anyone who likes animals is alright with me,lol.I have 2 cats,a bird,a mom dog,6 pup (looking for homes)and my daughter is looking to get a lizard(not sure how to spell the critters name)strange name also we're getting a redtail boa in a few thats my list for now...oh and my friend Mee(she is here on gave my son a Hairless cat,a Spinx,he is lovely.
          I too love Dean Koontz,Ann Rice,and Steven King,makes some good reading
          OK,sorry so long.I will see you around the boards,have a good day.


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            I do yep, i have most of his books too, guess im a bit of a bookworm. Id love to read non-fiction, its something ive never really tried before.

            I used to knit when i was younger, havent had a go for years though, i wonder if i'd remember anything or if it would be a total disaster


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              Hiya MiseryMother i love your name lol!!

              Thanks for the lovely welcome


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       should come on down to The Inn,on down the board,lots going on down there...well most of the time


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                  Hi Hazel!!! Welcome!!!
                  I'm Mary, from the faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar and warm Argentina.
                  I have pets too... 9 cats, well, actually... they own me.
                  I love read books, I love historic romances/others cultures... now, i'm reading at Diana Gabaldon's novel... may you heard something about "Outlander"?
                  Well, now, i have to go, but i hope see you and cheer some books names