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I dream of living in Scotland

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    Hello everyone!
    I dream of living in Scotland too... my mom's aunt was from Stonehaven, and she toldme a lot of stories (in fact, she teach me english... with her accent, lol!), she was very important in my (childhood?)
    In a couple of years, I'll have my degree at Hotelery Direction (I'll learn more english... really!) and I thought moving there to live and see all the places I allways heard and dream.
    What do you think? The Tourism Industry could help me?. Because, I quit of Medicine School 3 years ago... and if I return... well, is provably I'll finish in a Hospital


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      I Would Recommend ...........

      I Would Recommend Living In Aberdeen, Where I Was Born Back In 1979. I Heard From Some Of My Relatives That Time Had Somehow Stood Still In Most Of The Places With An Exception Of Our New Parliament!!!!!!!!!!!.........good Stuff. From What I Can Remember , Some Places Are Like Time Warps . It Really Gives You An In Depth Look On How Things Used To Be "old School" But Dont Take My Word For It , Scope Around ! You'll Be Glad You Did. Hail Clan Douglas And Hail Davidson Clan !!!!!!!! My Real Name: Alain Joseph Soberano Samson Macdavid Montes. Scottish/filipino. Regards, "1/2waydecent"


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        Mary, I have been to Stonehaven just a couple of years ago. It is very close to Aberdeen, actually... a short bus ride. Aberdeen has a quarter of a million people. Stonehaven though, is a very small town, about the size of the town i live in now... just a few thousand i would guess... certainly not 10,000. Stonehaven is a nice little community, and a little behind the times, but pleasantly so. It isn't hard to visit, and there is a castle ruins nearby... Dunnotar... which William Wallace sacked once as the English were there.