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  • HI!!!

    Hi to everyone! this hello comes from the state of NY in the united states!! i can't wait to get to know people! feel free to chat with me all you like.

    "mea gloria fides"

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    hi Vanora!

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm an artist in OHio. What are your interests? What brings you to Are you wearing a costume today?


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      well happy hallows eve a day late...i didn't get to wear a costume but i did hand out candy to the little ones that came to the door. I came to to chat with other people from all over. And hopefully find some other people from my clan. I have a huge love for scotland. I am even redoing a part of my house so that it looks like your over looking the beautiful landscape of scotland. i have a ton of interests... there would just be to mant to list. I work on cars in my free time, i go to night school, and i work most of the time... feel free to email me any time to chat about a lot more. so what brings you here? talk to you soon.

      "mea gloria fides"


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        What are you studying at night school?

        As for what brought me... hmm... well i have been here awhile. And what brought me to is... well...???... what did bring me? LOL!

        I don't know how to put it! Scotland came to find me. I'd say most Americans come to to reach out to their heritage... to reach from America towards Scotland.... but it was the opposite with me! Honest!

        Something definitely weird happened. A few years back, all sorts of things happened to connect me to Scotland (including a friend there) and i took a trip to Aberdeen. It was my first overseas trip ever, and i went to Aberdeen and only Aberdeen, seemingly at random. Within an hour of the plane landing, i stood on the shore to the North Sea, looking out.

        Little did i know, that six months later a second cousin would contact me, one whom i hadn't talked to in... well the last time i was four!... and he does genealogy, and he was calling me to share genealogy information and he told me my heritage was partially Scottish.

        Then nine months after my first visit to Scotland, i learn that my ancestors on the other side of my family sailed to America from... Aberdeen! They left on a ship not far from where i first stood to come to America. They would have looked out at the sea just as i did. And now i know that most of my heritage is Scottish. Weird, hunh?

        Anyway, after i lost my friend i came here because i was missing them and missing Scotland. Currently i work for a Scottish American cultural society here in the U.S., and i have a personal coach who is helping me figure out a way to live in Scotland for a while and support myself there (without necessarily marrying anyone, that is, though i have had a couple nice offers)!

        So that's my story, a little long, but well... different! LOL.


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          Actually the same thing happened to me. i had dated a U.S. Marine, who was from scotland...and things didn't go as we had hoped, and i began looking up my family history, and i found out i had family in scotland. i am!! i love scotland. i have been saying money to be able to go. i want to move there at some point. i am studying Abnormal psychology, and western civilization. i ultimately i want to counsil mentally disturbed children. lol how nice. lol.

          "mea gloria fides"


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            Hello and welcome, I'm new myself as you can see


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              Hey that is very cool!

              So it's off the the land of William James for you! And you know Scotland has a wonderful higher education system if you decide to get your education there.