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Hi - here from LA..

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  • Hi - here from LA..

    Hiya, my name is Lauren. I was born in Scotland but left when i was 4. I am now in Los Angeles, married with 2 boys and am looking to return to my land of birth. Thank you so much for this wealth of info. I look forward to reading more of all your posts.

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    Hi Lauren and welcome from a sunny Aberdeen, where in Scotland were you born ??

    I see you are coming back over...have you planned a date for that ??

    I am full of questions today...lololol

    Anyway have fun reading the site and join in when you are ready too !!


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      Thanks for asking

      I was born in Falkirk but moved to South Africa when i was 4. I am in LA now where i got married and had 2 children and am looking to move back by maybe the middle of next year. I am so excited to have found this site - it has so much information. Moving can be quite daunting. Thank you.


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        hi Lauren, Falkirk? thats near where I am from - Sauchie (by Alloa)...I live in Illinois now though...are you moving back to the Falkirk area? welcome to the site


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          I am planning on moving back there - not sure if that is where i will settle but that is where i have a big support base. So i will be able to at the very least start of there. I am soooo looking forward to being around family!


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            Pleased to hear you are moving back, do you know when that will be ??


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              Thanks for asking...

              I am aiming for Feb '05 after the tax money comes in so we have a little money. I am in the preocess of organising passports etc.