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  • My name is Eric Stewart

    I'm just taking this opportunity to introduce myself as per protocol. My immediate family hails from Kentucky, in the United States but, obviously, originally hailed from Scotland. I am attempting to begin some genealogical research as well as learn general Stewart history from Robert the Bruce to, if legend is accurate, Joseph of Arimathea (spelling?). Were the people who casted Braveheart aware of the subtle differences between the appearance of different Scottish clans, of the difference between most Scots and the Normans that arrived after many clans already existed? If so I am intrigued by my physical resemblance to the actor that played the Bruce in that film as well as historical references to the appearance of the early Stewarts as having somewhat slanted eyes (I am also intrigued by the fact that many of Celtic origing have shown somewhat slanted eyes). If you have convincing information to the contrary please respond. If you have convincing information SUPPORTING my line of inquiry, please let me know. If, however, like some, you wish to attack me for entertaining such a thing, don't bother.

    Eric Daniel Stewart.


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    stewart name

    hi eric, my name is steve stewart. i live in north carolina. i have traced my family to the 1760. they came to noth carolina from pensylvania. i cant find any info before this time to know if the family was here longer or came to the us in the 1760's. do you know much about your line?


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      Hi Steve and Eric and welcome to both of you from me here in Aberdeen !!

      Have you both looked in the Clans and Genealogy forums to see if there
      is any info there that might be of help in searching things !!

      See you around soon I hope and happy posting !!


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        Although there seem to have been Stewarts in the Americans, my family APPEARS to have derived directly from one Alexander Stewart who emigrated from Scotland around 1800 to Virginia, then relocating to eastern Kentucky. I am, however, extremely interested in any emigration to the Americas by Stewarts around the time of the deposition of Stewarts from the British throne. YOU seem to have a line on something more along those lines and I am interested. Do you have your own research referenced anywhere online?


        As for the second poster, thank you very much and I shall check into the genealogy you cited.


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          Hi there Eric, welcome from Oregon. Nice to meet you and enjoy the site!

          Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!