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Another one from California, looking to meet new peeps

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  • Another one from California, looking to meet new peeps

    Just giving a shout out from Los Angeles. Want to know about Scotland. Making a trip out there next month. Have plans to go to The Fringe but also want to explore more...
    Looking for fun.. Show me the way...

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    Welcome and warm fuzzy cuddles to huddles.
    I know you'll enjoy your visit next month, and the Festival is always something special.
    I've looked at your profile, and I wonder whether you visit website ? If so, I'm very much a novice at screenwriting and my nickname is DavidPaterson there, if you want to communicate on that subject.
    My email address is
    My home town of Musselburgh is only about 7 miles east of Edinburgh, and if you play golf and want an introduction to a couple of mates who are members of an Edinburgh club and a Musselburgh club, let me know. Or, any other way I might be of help to you?


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      Hi there huddles, welcome from Oregon. I hope you have a blast at Festival!

      Be sure to visit the Travel Forum, there is some good advice and answers there.

      Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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        Hello huddles and have a great trip over here, if Edinburgh get too much then try up in my part of the world, if not this time maybe next time around.