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  • I'm back..

    Well, I'm back. I have not been on for a while now. Got tired of being put down. I can't help what I am or who I am. I'm scotish but live in america. Kinda wish I had the accent though. Can anyone tell me how tae turn your email off here. I can't remember how. Is that sad or How has everyone been doing. Me pretty good. Went to the highland games here in Texas. Loads of fun. I really enjoyed the bonniest kneews competition. HEHE..LOL..Well, anyway. My foot is better. I can almost walk on it again. Every time someone walks up to me I lift up my foot so it doesn't get broke again. lol. Man I have missed a lot in here. Well, going now. Baby is crying. Least abbysitting him is heasy right..But he is a sweetheart.

    Forever Missing Scotland.....tha gaol agam ort all and slainte mhath also. later all.

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    Wb you like your new name from me....lololol

    Glad to hear that your foot has recovered, when I broke my ankle I was the
    same forever moving my leg when anyone got near to it !!

    To stop the mail go into your profile, and in Forum Info go to bottom of
    the page and click on the off bit in the e-mail notification !!


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      Hello Babz.

      Yes I like the name. It's shorter that is for sure. I kow what you mean. I keep ahving to move my foot in habbit now. Thank you for the email info also. How have you been? I'm doing pretty good. I'm enjoying the rain in Texas. I love storms. Im glad to hear your ankle is better also.

      My duaghter is sick today. So I better go now. Keep in touch everyone. Nice talking to you again babz.


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        Highland Games in Texas? Was that in Salado, Texas by any chance? I live a matter of miles from Salado, and Salado is historically an old Scot settlement. They have Highland Games with Bagpipe Competitions during November. I learned about it after the fact. So I missed it all. I have only been stateside for the past 15 months, and I plan to go to Salado this November. I heard there were pipers there from Scotland so I will not miss the affair this year even if I have to start walking at the break of dawn to see the end of the day in Salado. From what I was told on this site, American with Scot ancestry are not called Scottish. Funny thing is that perhaps the Scots of Scotland do not understand that in America, the people of Scot ancestry do call themselves Scottish. What shall we say? Scotland's Scots are Scottish and America's Scots are Scottish American? Whatever? I do not disown my heritage. And I never will. Welcome back. Let me know whether you plan to go to the Highland Celebrations in Salado this year.


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          I didnt know that...


          The highland games where in Arlington. At the collage UTA. I didn't know they had one in Salado. Thanks for telling me. Do you know what days in November? I just told a friend about it. I know I love the sound of the bagpipes and celtic music. Where are you at now? Salado is South of me. A few hours at most. Id love to go to it. If I had the time. My daughter has school so I probbaly wont be able to go. But by golly i'm going to try. lol. Why the move to statewide? If I may ask. Hey gonna go and ty all for the WB.