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    Hi Everyone. My name is William Stewart, and i'm posting to you all the way from New Zealand !

    I'm 19 and if you want to know more about me then that, you can check my profile

    Our family is looking forward to traveling to to Scotland in a years time, to explore our ancestral homeland

    We have just bought an electronic bagpipes instrument, imported from Nova Scotia. So have been having a good time with that . We've discovered that you can hook it up to the pc speakers, and really blast the music out

    Anyway, i need to get bakc to my juggling practise, and then afterwards i have to do some soldering.



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    Welcome, Willuknight, to a wonderful site.
    Amazing how many of the contributors here are in New Zealand. How far back have you managed to get with your genealogy? Stewart is a very very Scottish surname, of course.
    BlueSkye, if you read this, please note that My home computer has definitely collapsed completely, and I'm available one hour per day at public library machine. I tried sending an email to you, but it was rejected as wrong address. I must have copied it incorrectly to my notebook.
    My e-address is Please let me have your e-address again, and I'll copy it down correctly.


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      YEs, this forum is quite amazing Lots and lots of members, it's hard not to get lost!

      I've got a family tree going back about 5 generations, and our family seems to orignate from Fenwick, Ayshire.

      So that will definatly have to be a destination on our travels


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        hi,and welcome,you will find out something new everyday,this is a great place to be,lots of great people ,very good convesations and lots of great pics,so again welcome.


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          Hello willuknight and nice of you to join us here in our happy home !!

          I hope that you have looked at the other forums and that soon you will
          join in with the members already there !!