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I need definiton of this word

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  • I need definiton of this word

    Hi All,

    As my screen name states I'm from the U.S. Chatting with someone from Scotland on line and she called me a silly "eejit"..what does that mean? She referred me to this site to be educated. Any replied would be greatly appreciated. What would be a snappy comback to her for calling me that..


    yank from california

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    Hello, and welcome to

    Eejit = idiot

    Right now, I can't think of a snappy comeback though.
    But I am sure you will find one.


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      Hi, Justayank, and welcome.
      I cannot believe that a Scottish person would be so rude as to call you an eejit online. An apology is due to you, and then also to the rest of us who are Scottish and who use these sites to make friends.
      Perhaps you should let your ?friend? know that you know for a fact that you are no silly eejit at all, but that likewise you can vouch for the fact that he/she is rude and not a good ambassador for all that is Scottish in this world. Not a snappy retort, but the best I can do.
      Nevertheless, stay on this website, have a look at the various pages/messages, and make many friends of all nationalities.


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        Thanks for your concern

        Hi MaggiesBoy,

        I'm very flattered that you came to my defense of being called an "eejit" but in truth I was being abit on the "eejit" side. This is a result of me and her ribbing each other. Southern California vs. Aberdeen jabs. As far as Scot's go I am certain you are a very friendly group of people. Nothing but "hi's" and "hello's" here...very warm and lovey place.



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          Hi, Jerry Justayank,
          Yeah, silly me! I realised on my way home from the library computer yesterday, that it's almost a Scottish way of showing endearment to call someone such things as "A silly eejit" or "a silly wee bugger" or the likes.
          I felt almost embarrassed as I drove home thinking that I had jumped a bit too soon because I had pictured a sort of stranger taking advantage of the internet to be rude to you.
          Of course, when I reflect, only an Englishman of Norman descent would do a thing like that!?!
          David MaggiesBoy.


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            Hi jerry and welcome to !!

            I am in Aberdeen myself, for those of you that knew I was it wasn't me
            that called jerry an eejit....I can see Celyns head moving from side to side
            wondering about this...lolololol

            MaggiesBoy...leave the Englishman out of your assumption...lolololol

            Anyway jerry join in all the forums and have FUN !!


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              as if, Babz!


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                Excuse me going off topic !!

                Originally posted by Celyn
                as if, Babz!

                I know you so well Cel....lololololololololololol


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                  A full on moderator vs. moderator ribbing...

                  Okay..please give the the info about why "only an Englishman of Norman descent would do a thing like that!?! Babz..this person I was chatting with lives in Aberdeen..hmmm...maybe you can send her my "love" much do you charge? Hahahaha


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                    Re: Awesome...

                    Originally posted by justayank
                    A full on moderator vs. moderator ribbing...

                    Okay..please give the the info about why "only an Englishman of Norman descent would do a thing like that!?!
                    Oops! I wrote that with tongue in cheek. But perhaps I can be forgiven - I was raised on "Scots Wha Hae", and I walked out of the cinema here in Whakatane, New Zealand, during the showing of Mel Gibson's "Braveheart". "So?", I hear you saying.
                    It's rather similar to wondering whether President Bush, Mr Blair and Mr Howard are potentially war criminals or are heroes saving the world for the rest of us. It's history, and how it all shakes out is how it shakes out.
                    Anyway, Justayank, keep enjoying this site - it's a beaut!
                    Babz, if I've offended - I apologise.


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                      Stay around long enough and you will see that Cel and I enjoy the banter
                      between us...we are good at it...lolololol

                      David. . . . Would take a lot more than that to offend me, better tell
                      you that although I live in Aberdeen I was born in England !!

                      Not sure what Braveheart has to do with anything...lololol

                      Jerry. . . Have you seen the size of Aberdeen, lots of people
                      here, how would I know if I got the 'love message' to the right person....lololol


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                        BabZ, I won't hold that against, (and you're most likely not of Norman English descent anyway), but at least you show the good taste to have moved as far north as you have done!
                        The reference to "Braveheart" was a reaction to any thinking on "Scots Wha Hae" etc. inasmuch as the film was a diabolic liberty of the true story, and offended my cultural attachments!
                        Wow, hope you can take that with a bit of laughter - at my expense?


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                          How large is Aberdeen? Dunno, like my screename states I'm justayank. We tend to be geographically self centered. Shame shame. All I know is that my "friend" tells me Aberdeen is know for its fishing industry, granite and oil. As far as Mr Bush goes..I'm going to vote him out of the white house and put him back in the outhouse.

                          My "friend" did send me a link to pictures of Aberdeen and I have to say..I am blown aways by your beautiful architecture.