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  • Just a quick "Hello"!

    I'm a Leithie who's lived for many years in Spain.

    I'm a stranger to on-line discussion groups and just popped in to try to solve a literary doubt (see previous mail).

    Anyway, Scotland is a bit of an obsession, perhaps along the lines of Stevensosn's reflection in his "Vailima Letters":

    "Singular that I should fulfil the Scots destiny throughout, and live a voluntary exile, and have my head filled with the blessed, beastly place all the time!".


    Anyway, Slainte to all

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    Hi, Smeddum, and welcome.
    I'm from just along the coast from where you came from. I'm from Musselburgh.
    I don't know where "the previous posting" is, so I'm not sure what literary poser you refer to, but the quote is very accurate and timeless.
    I hope you keep up with your postings now that you've made it this far - it's good fun.


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      Hello there MaggiesBoy,

      Cheers for the welcome.

      The "Honest Toun", eh?


      I can't help but associate it with Luca's ice cream!

      (Not being a racing punter!)

      My family were wont to go on day trips to North Berwick, Cove, Redsheugh, etc.

      For us kids the highlight was always stopping off at Luca's for what is now referred to as a "mixed strawberry and vainilla chocolate wafer".

      Back in them days the name was less politically-correct!

      Anyway, the question was anent a poem by Joe Corrie, and you should be able to reach it by clicking here:

      OK, back to that working-for-a-living!

      Cheers for now



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        Ah, Smeddum, such memories are invoked by your references to Luca's. I think my favourite time in that cafe was in the winter evenings, after sports training, when quite a few of us would hog a couple of tables and drink hot orange juice. In the summer it was knickerbocker glories!
        I've looked at the excerpt from the Joe Corrie poem, and I know nothing about it, but "squad" gives me the impression of an army group. "Nimmo" brings to mind only Derek Nimmo, and I know there's no connection there.
        Interesting! How am I supposed to sleep with such a problem in my mind. Ouch!


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          Smeddum, a search on Google shows that John Nimmo and Son, Balquhatstone, Slamannan, was owner of a coal mine in 1896 (and presumably from then on for a while or so).
          I did not know anything about Joe Corrie, but I did a Google search and found a lot about him. So, "squad" seems to refer to the group of men whom he worked with down a coal pit(?). Now that I thibk that you know all of this, did I miss the point of your original message?


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            Hi Smeddum

            Originally posted by Smeddum

            I'm a Leithie who's lived for many years in Spain.
            Your post caught my eye because of your reference to Spain. I am currently living in Spain although hail from Paisley originally. I lived in Fife for most of my life but married an Edinburgh man before we chose to live in sunnier climes.

            Where did you live in Spain? Have you been home for long?


            "It is said all Scots have a sense of humour ... because it's a free gift!"


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              Hello there Maggiesboy

              As I said, I'm a bit of a novice as regards these discussion groups. I just wrote out a reply and when I tried to post it the sever asked me for my password ... then the whole clamjamfrie zipped off into cyber-space and was lost!!!!

              (Or maybe it was posted after all, in which case I'll be repeating myself!)

              Anyway, your research efforts are much appreciated.

              My original request was merely curiosity. I had read the poem a long time ago and coming across the recorded version on the Battlefield Band CD was like meeting an old friend.

              I have a penchant for that generation of writers of the “Scottish Renaissance”, particularly Hugh MacDiarmid.

              I admire their determination to hold on to certain aspects of Scottish life, the Scots tongue first and foremost, that were disappearing fast, or degenerating into Harry Lauder-like vaudeville caricature.

              Whether or not they were successful is another question ....

              Anyway, as the wise man said, nostalgia isn’t what it used to be!




              (PS – HOT orange juice?)


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                Hello Kiki

                I am still living in Spain.

                I've spent the last 16 years in Salamanca, NW of Madrid, near the Portuguese border. Before that I lived in Alicante and on Ibiza.

                I keep body and soul together by translating.

                Salamanca's a very "Spanish" part of the country and I like it all the more for that. It’s agricultural, there being no industry to speak of, and is famous for having the oldest university in Spain. The students give it a lively atmosphere!

                So going “home” is a relative concept. I do get back to Scotland quite often to visit the “folks” and to nourish my love/hate relationship with the place!!!

                Ah, and my grannie was a Fifer! From Crail in the East Neuk. A lovely part of the world too.




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                  Hi Smeddum

                  Yeah, I misread your original post or I would have realised you were still in Spain! Doh!

                  I have heard a bit about Salamanca - a friend who visited me when I was in Malaga worked there and loved it. There is a lot to be said for living in "Spain" - I had three years on the Costa del Sol and that was just about enough! Too many Sky satellite installations and holiday makers looking for the best price for liver and onions!

                  Going home to Scotland is not something I have any great yearning for ... my parents and my sister and her family all live here in the Sierra de Aracena and the only thing I miss about Scotland is the snow! Well ... perhaps the bridies and the scotch pies too!

                  Anyway, nice to hear from you and if you are ever passing this way...



                  "It is said all Scots have a sense of humour ... because it's a free gift!"


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                    Hi smeddum from a rainy Aberdeen...what's new...lolololol

                    It is good to see the Scots living worldwide joining the site...we seem to be
                    getting more nowadays !!

                    Anyway keep posting !!