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  • Hello from Skye

    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to drop in quickly to introduce myself.
    My names Fiona, im 19 and am from the Isle of Skye.

    Look forward to getting to know you and reading more of your post, Have learnt a lot already!!

    Best wishes

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    Hi Fiona and welcome to

    You will find that there are lots of people to talk to and share experiences with, and they will could from anywhere in the world......

    Whereabouts on the lovely Isle of Skye do you hail from?

    "Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace bled, Scots, wham Bruce has aften led,
    Welcome to your gory bed, Or to victorie! "


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      Hi there!

      Welcome to, you'll enjoy everything around here, specially the Discusson Boards that are great ways to travel around the world without leaving your own home. Nice to meet you Skye!


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        Hi I'm new too Alex from Ayrshire, hope to get a lot from this site!!


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          My mother was from Skye she was a Maclean


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            welcome skyeuk and Not_a_Gael and last but not least highlander-son. Enjoy your time here!


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              Hi and Welcome, Skyeuk. More and more of us, we'll soon have a Scottish nation online on this website!
              What could be better?
              See you around the discussion boards, I hope.


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                my father's last name is Aaron. How do you spell the islands over there? Aron or Aaron Islands?


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                  Hello and welcome to all that have added their greetings here !!

                  Hope you will stay a while !!

                  Strawhat...I am thinking you mean the Arran as in Island !!


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                    Hello Babz. Yes I had heard of the Arran Islands. My father's name was Joseph Earl Aaron, but a lot of the times the spelling has changed from across the pond to America. Do you know of any Blackburns or Tatums around your area. I am in North Carolina in the U.S. My grandmother said we were from Scotch Irish descents. I have always wanted to get over there and see the rolling green hills and the heather growing. I even named my daugher Heather. Hope you can give me some info about your area. As we say in the south, "See ya"


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                      Hi area is Aberdeen on the east coast...the Oil Capital of
             they say...I prefer the tag of the Granite City, its called
                      that as the majority of the older houses were built from local granite !!

                      Looks very dull on a wet day like today !!

                      There is a village/small town just a little bit north/west of Aberdeen of
                      the name of Blackburn !!

                      I don't know of anyone with the names you mentioned !!


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                        Hello strawhat and welcome.

                        Reading through this thread, there appears to be a little confusion re Arran. Arran is a single island as in the Isle of Arran to be found in the Firth of Clyde.
                        The Aran Isles are a group of islands on the west coast of Ireland, from which the famous Aran sweaters sweaters received there name.

                        Just to add further to the confusion, Aoron may,(or may not), have been derived from either Arran or Aran which would put either a Scottish or Irish slant on things. Further, Blackburn is also a town in the Northwest of England which would an English, poor sowl, slant on things.

                        Have fun.


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                          Hi Fiona
                          I am originally from Skye. From Portree. Which part of Skye are you from?


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                            Hello Babz. Thank you for replying. I have nerver heard of Aberdeen, and I certainly did not know Scotland was an oil producing country. What are the normal temperatures this time of year where you are? I am in a small town south of Wilmington, North Carolina. Our stateis one of the original 13 colonies settled here in the U.S. We are about 4 hours south of where the first settlement disappeared mysteriously that was found by Sir Walter Raleigh. They have a re-creation every summer there in an outside theatre that is really nice. I used to get on the t.v. the series Monarch of the Glen and it was one of my most favorite shows to watch. I loved the beautiful scenery. Out mountains here in North Carolina looks a lot like that, and they say that is why a lot of Scots and Irish folk settled here.