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Hello from USA (Pennsylvania)

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  • Hello from USA (Pennsylvania)

    Hello from Pennsylvania. I'm originally from West Virginia. I am Italian, but my husband's heritage is Scottish. I love learning new things about Scottish history.

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    Hello.. I am also from pennsylvania, I have an aunt originally form West Virginia and is Italian Too! Her husband (My Uncle) Is also scottish and she also loves learning new things about scottish history! Wow we have so much in commin.... It's like we are releated!


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      Looking for a sponsor for Invergordon Highland Games

      I Live in Holland, but my family is still well and truly alive and well and living in Ross-shire...I am looking for anyone who might be able to contribute to the Invergordon Games (2005).......not looking for a lot of money....but this could possibly lead to being invited to be the the Games Chieftan 2005........anybody out there ???? Help. email (Sectretary)......tks