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    Maggie's Boy - Thanks for the info. I'll have to look into that. Do you know of any websites I could visit for possible employment in Scotland or how I could obtain a work visa of some sort? So how do you like New Zealand? I hear it's a beautiful place.
    The fellow who owns the B&B we stayed at in Musselburgh claims that the course across Links Road is the oldest golf course in Scotland. Some people say that St. Andrews is the oldest. I'm really not sure. You should have heard the guy - he was adamant about that course being the oldest. I got a kick out of his fervor about it. Here's a quick funny one for ye - he did not allow "fags" in his house - had to go outside to smoke - but in the morning when we came downstairs, he was sitting in the kitchen puffing away on one and there was a big mushroom cloud of smoke right above him! He must have been smoking like a chimney. He had two gals in the kitchen slaving away fixing the meal while he was sitting back just taking one drag after another! Anyway, it's probably evening Down Under by now. Have a great night!


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      Hi, Braveheart70, I think the problem of identifying which is the oldest golf course might depend on whose whisky your sipping at the time! It's bad protocol to disagree with your host, so you just nod agreeably and keep sipping.
      I think that there is an "oldest golf course" and an "oldest links golf course", but gowf is not my thing, so don't rely on my advice.
      Your tale about the fags is a bit of a shocker, but quite believable. We're a funny lot from Musselburgh, I suppose.
      If you email me at I'll see about websites re work in Scotland, and I'll ask a couple of friends in Scotland whether they'll let me give you their e-addresses. Both from Musselburgh originally, one is a golfer in Edinburgh and the other lives near the Scottish borders.
      My comuter at home is out of action, so I'm using the public library one meantime. I get one hour per day. Limited rations indeed.
      Let me know what sort of work you would be looking for in Scotland, your age, and any special skills you may have. (I don't even care whether you vote for Bush!). OOPS!


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        M.B. - Thanks for the message. I sent you an e-mail just a couple of minutes ago. Let me know your thoughts.

        Scotland the Brave!