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    Jan, one great thing about this site is that your thread pops up to the top when someone replies to it.
    So, although you're not brand new here, I get to see your thread as though you had just joined.
    It's always great to hear that people have enjoyed their first visit to Scotland, as you and your best friend have.
    I suppose that's why the Scots songs "Will you no' come back again?" and "Auld Lang Syne" can be so poignant.
    May your next visit be even better!


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      When I was young, two elderly ladies stopped for a picnic on the shores of Loch Ness (you cannot do that now so easily) While they were eating, they did see the monster. They got in to their car and did not stop until they reached the safety of Skye. They told their sister, who in turn told my mother. I do believe in a monster in Loch Ness although I have never seen it. Best sightings evidently are to be had at Urquhart Castle.


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        Excuse me, I do not believe there is a resident Nessie. I think it's like the dragons - a remainder of old knowledge - and the love of fairytales.

        ... and a nice thing to fool some gullible tourists.
        'S toil leam Gàidhlig a bhruidhinn agus a leughadh agus sgrìobhadh oir 'se an cànan feumail agus àlainn a th' innte.


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          Am closing this now as it has turned into discussion!

          Feel free to begin a new discussion about Nessie in one of the other forums!

          Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!