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  • Mellow Yellow !

    Hi, Im curious about Scotland. Since I live in seattle I cant just take a bus over there, but i was wondering. Do you guys have any music festivals and carnivals. And what kind of foods are you guys known for?

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    Hi there GrungyLatte, welcome from Oregon. I am a bit far from you! The northeastern corner of the State.

    You may not be able to take a bus but I caught a plane from SeaTac and went there!

    Make sure you roam around the forums and you will get many answers to your questions.

    One of the biggest festivals is held in August in Edinburgh, music, food, dance, theater, people, traditional culture.... I hear it's great and it's on my list to go and do!

    As far as food, shortbread, cranachan, oats, whisky and haggis. There is also something called deep fried Mars Bar which, to me, sounds worsh that the haggis! LOL (I've had that!)

    Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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      Scotland is also well known for its seafood, its' beef and lamb and not forgetting vennison, Clootie dumpling is a must if you can find somewhere that serves it,(there is a place in Callander that serves. This I know cos big brother makes it for em). Music festivals are fairly common with probably the biggest being the Mod. This a a competition of Gaelic song, and prose. There is the national and a number of local Mods. There are Celtic festivals one of the biggest being on the Island of Mull. Lots of everything to chhose from.


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        Hello there GrungyLatte and welcome from Aberdeen !!

        The best known thing to come from Scotland is not a food as such but
        a drink...Whisky !!

        Edinburgh Rock is one thing that kathy did not is nice !!

        Hope to see you posting in the other forums and asking many questions
        of us !!