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I would try to be original but...

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  • I would try to be original but...

    ...I'm just too tired!

    Hey, thought I would introduce myself before I started posting away. I'm 18 years old, and I'm studying Political Sciences and Media Studies at Victoria University, Wellington, in New Zealand!

    I'm pretty tall... 6 foot one, to be exact, and have been that since about 5 years ago! I'm abit self conscious of my weight though, because I think I'm way too skinny (that makes a surprise, most think they're too big). I just need to eat a bit more watercress, eh?

    I'm meaning to come to Scotland once I've finished my degree in 3 years (so loooong), but I actually signed up now because my Mother is coming over in the middle of this year (I can't come because of Uni! BAH!), so I actually thought I'd get some indfo and things for her. But, you all seem like a cool group, so I've ended up signing up here.

    Holy crap, I ramble on too much. Anyway, heres a great big "Hello!" from New Zealand!

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    Welcome to our humble fora.

    Well, if you're worried about being too thin, you could do worse than come to Scotland.
    Greetz from Gwap


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      Hey kathyV

      Ya the flaw of sitting on here all night and through the day is what everyone wishes. LOL. I did that most of the day yesterday. I hope to make friends on here. Just wish this wasn't so adicting. I will someday go to scotland. I would love to go see the ruins of MacDuff casstle. I have only seen pictures of it. I like the history of scotland. I think I always have. I hope everyones weekend was good. I worked. I'm told pictures do not do scotland justice. Oh and about San Diego. I have been there. It was ok for a while. After you live there a few years. You notice that things change around you. I went htere recently and it was bad now. Just not the same as it used to be. Well, before I keep going on this. Take care all and slainte mhath. Michelle