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    Can anyone tell me what forum is all about? Ive had a look at the topics and they appear varied and interesting...but is it mostly expats wishing they were home (like me) or others wishing that they'd been born scottish (or married a scot!).

    Ive been abroad 14 years, I go back as often as possible but next year I really want to come back for good...return of the prodigal son LOL!

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    Well to me the forum is about people from all around talking to one another. Getting to know people interact with them and just to have fun. I think some people are scotish who come in here. I myself belong to a clan. But ya this room is just about fun and just talking about anything and everything from the weather to themselfs. But that's only my opinion. I think i'm close.


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      Hi there Quinntheeskimo, welcome from Oregon, USA. Where are you? I take it from your introduction that you are ExPat from Scotland? Where do you live now? Alaska? Canada? Trying to place the Eskimo name! LOL

      You will notice that this board is set up for different interests, history, music, sport, etc... hopefully something for all. Many people are here because they have ancestoral or family ties to Scotland, many because they have visited there and wish to learn more about the place, some because they wish to or plan to visit and are learning about the country and people before traveling. We have an open board, commonly called the Inn where you are welcome to drop in and visit about anything that strikes your fancy.

      If you need help or have questions regarding the site, feel free to contact a Moderator, any of them will be more than happy to assist you!

      Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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        Thanks for reply

        Thanks Clan and Kathy for the reply. About myself : I am from Glasgow though have been working abroad for 15 years now and am currently living in Switzerland. I go back regularly and hope to resettle there next year.
        By the way, Quinn is my family name though apparently I belong to the Stewart clan...and the eskimo in all that? Figure it out...LOL


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          Your welcome quinn

          If I may ask why have you been abroud for 15 yrs? If I had a choice I would take my daughter ta Scotland to see her ancestrial home. I too belong ta a clan. MacDuff is mine. But if I couldn't go to Scotland I would go ta Rome. How are things on your end though. For me work is busy. Got ta go for now. You all have a great day and hope everyone is in slainte mhath. Michelle


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            Hi there, as soon as I saw your name I started singing the Manfred Mann

            Aberdeen here but originally from south of the border !!

            How do you think things have changed in Scotland since you first left ??