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  • New at his. But cool

    Well, I'm new at this. A little about my self. I am a single mother of a 3 yr old daughter in Tx. I love to listen to the bagpipes. And the latest news is i'm attempting to learn gealic. It's hard I tell ya. I love the read big time. Seacially romance novels. I can read them, specially if it involves a broad scots man. I read untill my legs fall asleep. What can I say I am a hopeless romantic. I love to write poetry also. I have that one wish to see scotland. And I got my long wish today. I saw snow for the first time. Well don't know what else to say. I can go all day.

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    Ceud mile failte to forums.
    Greetz from Gwap


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      Hiya clan_Macduff03 and welcome to !!

      You are a braver person than I am, I would never attempt to learn
      Gaelic, I do sing along to the songs that Runrig do but have
      no idea what they

      Hope you will stay awhile and get to know us all !!


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        Hey babs...

        I wouldn't call myself of my friends is gettin married and its goin to be in gealic. So I have a yr to learn what I can. Besides it is part of my heritage and I love the way it sounds. The men are goin to wear the traditional outfit. And the woman are going to wear corsets. Least now I have an xcuse to wear my corset ghillies and my tartan. How was everyones V-Day? I bought my daughter a barbie candy machine. Miniature one of course. I will try to get to know everyone on here. I'm kinda still tryin to figure this Slainte mahath everyone. Michelle


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          Hi there clan_Macduff03, welcome from Oregon! I know about the reading thing! I will read untill I fall asleep! Sometimes it even keeps me up at night! LOL

          Good for you, learning a bit of Gaelic, it will be fun for you to be able to read and understand a bit when you get there! Keep it up!


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