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hello, i'm new!!

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  • hello, i'm new!!

    I'm new here and just want to say hello to everybody, HELLO!! I am from Yorkshire in England and i love anything to do with Scotland. I'm looking forward to making some new scottish friends and also friends from other parts of the world too!!

    Julie xxxxx

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    Hello Julie and welcome to

    I was born in Yorkshire and lived there for the first 17 years of
    my life and then moved to Lincolnshire before moving up to Aberdeen
    last March !!

    Hope you enjoy meeting new people and make many friends like I have !!

    Where are you in Yorks ??


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      thank you

      Hiya babz,

      thank you for the lovely welcome!!

      I'm in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, where abouts in Yorkshire are you from?? How you liking it up there in Aberdeen??

      Julie xxxxx


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        Hi Julie

        I was born and raised in Doncaster then moved to Scun thorpe when I married !!

        Aberdeen is great, today we are going down to the beach and then the
        harbour as there is a Navy Frigate there and its allowing the public
        to look around it !!


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          Hiya Babz

          Oh wow Doncaster, thats not far from me!!
          Do you miss Yorkshire at all??

          Hope you have a nice time down at the harbour!!

          Julie xxxxxx


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            Hi there choccyholic, welcome from Oregon, USA! Wow, do I wish I'd thought up your name for mine! LOL

            Yorkshire is so pretty! I've had a couple of nice afternoons wandering around York. Very pretty and the country side is so great! My Uncle has been researching the family, past migrations, etc and has learned that the Rugg side of the bunch came from Sowerby. I have managed to find 2 places with that name in Yorkshire and Uncle D. doesn't know which one is the one!

            I have a copy of the photo book put together by 'James Herriot' and just love looking at it.

            Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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              Hiya kathy,

              thank you for the lovely welcome!!

              Oh wow your all the way from the USA, thats is another one of my faovurite places besides Scotland!!

              There are 2 places in Yorkshire called Sowerby, 1 is up in North Yorkshire near Thirsk. The other is in West Yorkshire near Halifax. Your uncle could try finding your family on the English census and it would tell him whether they were from West Yorkshire, which is also know as West Riding or if they were from North Yorkshire which i think would come under York.

              Good luck with that and let me know how you get on!!

              Julie xxxxx


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                Kathy, you ought to ask marhar to help with the census if you have got
                anywhere near 1881 !!

                Julie...marhar is in Doncaster, has been there as long as I have known
                him...lolololol...hes my dad...hehehe

                Oh my eldest brother works in Barnsley General !!

                PS. saw some dolphins in the bay when we went down to the harbour !!


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                  Hiya Babz,

                  i could do with your dad's help too, i'm also trying to research my family tree in Yorkhsire but i'm finding it a bit daunting.

                  One of my best friends also works at Barnsley General, she a nurse there, i bet she would know your brother she worked there for years!!

                  Oh wow Dolphins, i'd love to see some dolphins, i might have to come up to Aberdeen one day!!!

                  Julie xxxxx


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                    I'll check with the Uncle and see where he is on dates. He is also in the middle of a DIY in his kitchen so spending more time on that at this point.

                    Choccy, check in the Genology forum. Marhar is ther a lot!

                    We got to see a dolphin when crossing the Shannon estuary on 2003, very cool!

                    Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!