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  • Hello again

    Hi everybody!
    I know I already said hello, but as this is another place to do so, I do so. Greetings from dear old England... Well, I be sort of new, and generally not a chat addict, but since this is about Scotland I'll do my bit. Hope to see and hear more of you...

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    Hi there red_queen and welcome to !!

    I was in England until last March and then moved up to Aberdeen which
    I have no regrets about at all !!

    I keep going south to see family so I have best of both


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      Hi there red_queen, welcome from Oregon, USA. Where in England are you? I have been there a couple of times and enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Scotland. Beautiful country.

      Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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        Hi Babz and kathyv and thanks for the welcome! I'm in NE England - well, between Durham and Newcastle to be precise.

        Didn't get to Aberdeen yet although definitely will in future - I take it it's a nice place. Was thinking of moving toScotland myself, although never got past thoughts yet and never even thought where exactly in Scotland...


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          Of course its a nice place I live

          I do think Durham is a lovely place and usually just drive around
          Newcastle when going south to visit family !!

          What do you think of 'The Angel of the North' I think it is like a
          blot on the landscape...apologies to those who like


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            Erm... I don't think I met a single person yet (apart from Anthony Gormley) who likes it! It is a landmark, yes, but otherwise... Some people think it should have been a statue of a miner if it was meant to represent the North, although a miner that high would probably give you a fright when you're driving late, just the same way as Angel does


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              That thing is enough to give God nightmares! What a monster!

              Still, it's better than all the McDonalds arches everywhere! LOL

              Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!