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  • Just pokin' around...

    I was just doing some looking around and possibly a bit of research for the old family tree. My great-great-great grandfather on my father's side was from Scotland. Don't have any clue as to a city or county. All I know is that the family name was Gordon, which has been turned into a family first name to be handed down. Unfortunatly, in my generation, there have been no boys born and we are all done having kids! So, in order to try to preserve some of this stuff, I took it upon myself to start doing research for a family tree. I have already found out some interesting things on my mother's side of the family and would now like to start unearthing some information on my father's side as well. Any help would be muchly appreciated!!!

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    I am from the Gordon Family which is from Huntley Scotland,since I'm new to this site, please bear with me.



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      Hi.I've been on this site a while.If you post what you posted here in the section labeled Clans and Genealogy alot of people can help you... if you want to find out more about clan gordon u can go to its a good website I tend to go on there hehe


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        Hi there gordon_girl, welcome from Oregon, where are you from?

        Enjoy the site, we are a fun bunch!

        Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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          Hi, Gordon_Girl and welcome from California


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            Hi gordon_girl and welcome to you from Aberdeen which is not too far
            from the 'Huntly' that Annabelle mentioned.

            I have a copy of the 1881 Scottish Census and when you get that far
            back I may be able to help you a little !!


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              The Gordon Clan

              Hi Gordon Girl
              I live only three miles from Gordon castle
              in Moray. I was born in Portgordon. The castle sadly burned down but part of it has been made habitable and is now one of the homes of the latest of the line. The regiment which
              bore the name "The Gordon Highlanders" mainly recruited in this area and the Gordon family controlled virtually the whole of the North East of Scotland. There are many offshoots of this clan and there have been many famous Gordons in the past. They excelled at warlike activities
              and many held distinguished rank in Her Majesty,s forces.
              There are many statues and monuments in this area to members
              of the Gordon clan.