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Hello everybody!!

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  • Hello everybody!!

    Hi everyone,
    A friend of mine has told me how great most pen pal friends are, so here I am! =)

    I'm from Luxembourg, at the moment I'm studying economics (nasty stuff, doesn’t interest me at all!!) and this should (!) be my last year at the Lycée Technique Lallange, it's some sort of a high school. After all these wonderful school years in Luxembourg I want to study at a Scottish university, I'll study English literature, which is required by the Luxembourgish government if I want to become an English teacher.

    My hobbies are; writing (poetry and fantasy stories), surfing on the internet, going to the cinema, listening music, watching TV, in short =) all the things most people do normally.

    I hope I’ll find a friend somewhere in Scotland, so I’ll not be utterly alone in that country, also I want to have a more fluent English.

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    Hi raven and welcome to !!

    I hope you manage to get to Scotland to do your studying, have a look
    in the Moving forum as some have already been across here to further
    their education and they have been very helpful to others who require
    information !!


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      Hello, Raven_Fett and welcome from another new person


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        Welcome Raven!

        You will love this site. I've only been a member for a week or so, I can't remember. And well, sorry I'm not from Scotland, but I'm sure you'll find great people here. I got to go. I'm late for work but send me a line whenever you feel like it. My e-mail is [email protected], or here at the forum. Good luck in school, education is the best thing one can own!


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          Hi there raven_fett, welcome from Oregon, USA. Good luck with your studies and your plans to study in Scotland. It's a beautiful place!

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