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    I only found this last night, so I haven't taken the time to look around yet.

    I've been interested in my Scottish heritage for quite awhile. I'm proud to be mostly Scottish. I'm a typically American mish-mash, but 3/4 Scottish. Traditionally, I carry my father's name, Frasher.

    I recently acquired and hope to populate it with info pertaining to the Frasher name. I was searching for info last night when I came across this site.

    All my life, I've been told that I'm Scottish, a spinoff of Fraser, however; I have not been able to find a tartan for Frasher, and Frasher is not listed as a sect under Fraser or Fraser of Lovat, so I'm confused. I'll just keep researching. I hate to display a Fraser tartan and then find out that I am wrong to do so. A lot of culture I need to learn! I guess I'm in search of an identity!

    I'm from Walsenburg, Colorado, now a resident of Brenda, Arizona, living in Rio Vista, California, with a mailing address in Jefferson, Oregon. Am I lost or what?

    I'm retired from the AFRES and spent 4 years in Ramstein, Germany. During that 4 years, I unfortunately never found time to get to Scotland, something that I'll always regret! The closest that I got was Holland.

    Looking forward to browsing this forum.

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    Hi there sfrasher, welcome from Oregon, not Jefferson but Lostine!

    You might have alook in the Clans forum and see if there is any name variation info posted there.


    Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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      Hi there sfrasher and welcome to

      I have never heard of your surname so cannot be of any help...but
      thought I would say anyway !!

      I am in Aberdeen, the Scottish


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        Hello Frasher.... dont worry about the tartan thing , make up your own its purely an 19th century invention anyway. look more for a clan motif. most clans carried them to distinguish themselves in battle etc. worn on the bonnet.


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          Hi there!

          Hello sfrasher... how the devil are you?

          I am from Stranraer in southwest Scotland and welcome to Great people here so I hope to see you around.

          Your name is interesting. I am just guessing here, but it sounds like a *******ised version of Frazier... which is pronounced the same way. Don't worry though because many immigrants that went from Scotland to Canada and USA had Fraser changed to Frazier just because they were illiterate and didn't know any better, and just went by sound-a-like. So Frasher might be a sound-a-like name to Frazier hence sound-a-like to Fraser.

          It is more than likely that you are off the Frasers.
          If you are worried about what kilt to wear then try the Royal Stuart, it is a sort of "anybody who is Scottish tartan", just a reflection on the last Scottish monarchs to rule the UK, and a lot of Scots have it as a "common to wear tartan". So go forth and dangle that sporran!

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          Remember the world is tartan!