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heard it from a friend.............

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  • heard it from a friend.............

    so, i though i would try it! you know the saying 'curiosity killed the kat",how many kats are out there?

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    Hi there mamamia

    Well here is one kittie kat that says hello and welcome.

    I know there are many others who will do the same.

    So we'll all be looking forward to seeing you around!!



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      hey there!!!

      thanks for the purrrrr welcome! and you bet you will be seeing me around!!


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        And if you really want to have some fun check out Pen Pals.. scotsman online


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          Hi there mamamia and welcome to our happy home in the land of the internet !!

          My kitty is resting as you see and as yet she has not been disturbed

          See you aound the other forums soon I hope !!

          PS. I am in Aberdeen, where are you ??


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            will do!

            thanks for the hands up kattoy! i will check it out! see you there!


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              Babz, thanks for your welcome! Yes you will be seeing me around! Cute kitty!


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                Hi there mamamia, welcome from Oregon, USA. Where are you?

                I was Kat in school, there were 6 girls named Kathy and we all went by some other form of the name! You can imagine the headachs we gave a substitute teacher! LOL

                Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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                  hi kathyv, thanks for the welcome! know what you mean, went through similar in school. Bummer! A native New Yorker, currently Atlanta, GA!!


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                    Hi there

                    Hello mamamia... how the devil are you? Belated welcomes from a wee shy Scots lad, I hope you are settling in well. Plenty of great people and entertaining.. and naughty stuff, haha, goin' on. Soooo I hopefully we will see you around them threads. Ta ta for now.
                    Remember the world is tartan!


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                      don't be shy!!!

                      Thanks for your welcome d-canmore!! Do shy Scot lad's blush? I do read lots here but as you can tell I post little, I have yet to find my 'nitch'. It is an intresting way for ppl to connect, interact & communicate. Btw, you are the 1st 'lad' here maybe I should be welcoming you instead! See you around!!


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                        Hi, mamamia. Greetings from Glasgow, and welcome to

                        Well, curiosity nearly killed my CelynCat - a sad story involving a cast of

                        one cat
                        one high-up window

                        All ended well, though!


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                          My Grandpa always said....

                          Curiosity killed the cat...

                          But satisfaction brought it back!

                          I am now cat-less. Age, not gravity, caught up with him.

                          Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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                            Hi kathyv

                            I am also now cat-less.

                            Also due to age.

                            Freddie was 19.

                            Although he did have a close call due to gravity once lol

                            He "bounced" back real well from that mishap though!


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                              Anyone want to take care of my Cats???

                              KayBee has been threatening to sell them off on the street because they are 'daein her wee heid in!!'

                              They never miss behave when there Dadday is around

                              Some people just don't have the touch!