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  • MacMirza fae Sarajevo TA

    Just a wee note:

    My name is Mirza or actually MacMirza when I am on the road with Tartan Army, best ambassadors for Scotland!

    I come from Sarajevo, Bosnia (and still live there) but every year I come for a week or two to Bonnie Scotland.

    And of course, I follow Scotland with Tartan Army abroad - I've been to Croatia, France, Iceland, Norway, Germany... Next planned are Italy and Slovenia. When you hear the noise of Tartan Army boys we'll be coming down the road!

    You can check my new-updated web site at

    Cheers everyone. Scotland Forever!

    MacMirza fae Sarajevo TA

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    Hello,MacMirza. Greetings from Glasgow*,and welcome to

    *I think you might have been to Glasgow too - sometimes it has football, I believe!


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      Hi there MacMirza and welcome from a lovely day in Aberdeen, the
      sun is shining brightly(I know its

      With your knowledge of Scottish football I hope you will liven the
      'Sports Forum' up here !!


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        Hi there MacMirza, welcome from cold and snowy Northeastern Oregon, USA. We have recieved about 6 inches of snow in the last few hours!

        Enjoy your time here, it's a fun place to meet people!

        Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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          Thanks for the warm welcome!

          Aye, I've been to Glasgow to some football at Hampden. Or to be more precise - vs Croatia in 2001, vs Denmark in 2002 and vs Faroe Islands in 2003. Should be there for the friendly in August whoever we play.

          I've been to Aberdeen in 2001 and 2002. Might come this year maybe around Stonehaven Wallace Day.

          No, I haven't been to Northeastern Oregon yet!

          Awra best fae cold Sarajevo.