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Hi from a new member in the states

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  • Hi from a new member in the states

    Hello all. I've been searching through some threads to see which dicussions I could join but they all seem so long that by the time I sent a reply, you all would probably be tired of the subject. I also tried to reply to one that seemed to be heating up, but as soon as I did someone got nasty and the discussion was closed! My luck seems to be running short so I thought I'd start a new discussion. What brought you all to

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    The whiskey!!
    He he, no I'm just kidding. I read through some of the language threads, started reading some other threads, decided that these seem like just the nicest collection of people, and they couldn't possible survive without the pleasure of my company for one minute longer. And now, here I am! Sticking my nose into every thread!
    Welcome to the board. Don't hesitate - post in any thread! You'll be made to feel right at home


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      Hi purple

      How are you doing... Welcome to I am a shy wee lad from Scotland and I would like to get to know all the lovely females around the world.... and there are some from your part of the world around here as well, somewhere. So we look forward to seeing you around the Forum for a wee chat and a laugh because there are some pretty damn fine people here (including me, me, me)! Bye for now.
      Remember the world is tartan!


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        Welcome from " The Great White North", or Canada as we like to call it! How's everything with Wendi?


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          Hiya Wendi and welcome to !!

          Join in any of the threads and don't worry if it has moved on a little
          as it will eventually get back to the topic you replied about...that
          happens quite a lot around

          Where in the USA are you ?? I am in Aberdeen

          As to what brought me here it was a love of Scotland !!


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            Hi there prplmeanie, welcome form Oregon. Where in the States are you?

            What brought me to Men in kilts! LOL No really an interest in the place and nice people to visit with.

            Be sure to visit in the open forum Scotland dot c*m*on Inn, that's the place for general chitchat and you will find a lot there who like to visit. There are no rules about hopping in and joining an existing thread, go for it! Also, don't let the nasties get you! There are always some but 'modpower' now exists!!!!! (trumpet fanfare!)

            Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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              On the subject of accents

              Wow, you all are a friendly bunch! Thanks for all the replies. I think the men in kilts thing was a big plus to me joining as well! HAHA!
              I'm located in Columbus, OH but I'm actually from Maryland. I love travelling but haven't had a chance to do much as of yet. I'm hoping to get right on that this year and perhaps go to New Zealand and Scotland within 2 or 3 years. I like to think it's because both places are incredibly beautiful but it's probably more to do with the awesome accents! We were watching a newscast on CSpan last night and one of the reporters was Scottish and I just couldn't stop listening - the accent is just so different! It irritates me to hear people like Mike Myers butchering it in Austin Powers with his character Fat ******* because real accents are beautiful.
              So do any of you Scottish members have relatives in the states??