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  • I will get to Edinburgh


    my name is Ralph and I am from Cologne (a straight gay-guy aged 35). I have already booked a flight to Edinburgh. I will get to Scotland on 12th July 2004 and I am looking forward to visit Edinburgh 'til 16th July. I am very interested in meeting English native speakers to be able to improve my English knowledge, but mostly I want to get to know the Scotch attitude towards life. I want to see life in Scotland and I would like to get to know the Scotsman's legendary cordiality, too.

    It would be great to get some information about nice places in Edinburgh, that people prefer to stay at: I mostly like to go to homely coffee bars...

    With kind regards from Cologne, Germany.

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    Hi there Cederic, welcome from Oregon, USA.

    I spent a wet morning in Cologn in 1998, it is a very interesting place! The cathedral is lovely.

    You will enjoy Scotland, it's a great place. Be sure to look in the Travel forum for ideas and tips. You can also post questions there and people will answer.

    Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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      Hi Cederic from a rainy Aberdeen and welcome to !!

      I hope you enjoy your time in Edinburgh, but remember that they talk
      'Scots' there and not

      I don't know too much about life in Edinburgh, the best source of
      information in this site is mlejoy who has spent a year there (from USA)
      she has written quite a lot of info in the 'Travel' forum and will
      answer questions if she can !!

      We do have members who are from Edinburgh who can help also !!


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        Hi Ralph,
        I am also planning to visit Scotland around July! I'm not sure exactly when, but one thing is for sure it will be fun. I wish you the best and maybe we'll bump into each other in Edinburgh.


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          Aye mate, ah second wit Babz doll seys. She's a smart cookie ye ken. If ye want tae learn proper English, go tae France or summat, 'cos they ken the language better than we aw dae!!



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            I will get to Edinburgh

            Hi Ralph,

            I am sure you will have a great time in Scotland. One excellent coffee house, on George IVth Bridge is the Elephant House. People of all ages, good food, newspapers and very central.

            If you are looking for gay-friendly accommodation, then there are a few links on the following site to B&B's and guest houses' own web sites.


            The centre of the gay scene in Edinburgh is Broughton Street and the surrounding area, with lots of bars (both straight and gay) and coffee houses, restaurants and the odd club.

            As for places to visit and things to do, the following has a pretty comprehensive listing.


            I hope that all helps and you have a pleasant stay. Scotch describes whisky, by the way, we residents are Scottish