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Aussie girl excited to be here

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  • Aussie girl excited to be here

    Hi everyone

    I'm so excited that I found this forum, so much great info and friendly, helpful people.

    I'm coming over to Scotland in June for 6 months - can't wait!! Until then,, will have to satisfy my scottish withdrawals. lol.



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    Hiya capey and welcome to, we like to think that we are friendly !!

    Where are you going to visit when you are over here, six months is a
    long time so I am sure you will see loads of places and have some
    good memories to take back with you !!

    I have family in NSW where are you at ??


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      Hi capey!
      I'm sure you'll like it here, like you said great info and nice people
      You're going to Scotland for 6 months? That must be so great! I'm sure you'll love Scotland.
      I'm going to visit this year, but only for a vacation.
      How does one come to spend a half a year there? Some sort of exchange?


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        Welcome Capey

        I am turning fair green with envy! I'd just love to go to Scotland for six months! Why do you get to do that?

        You will love the site, I think everybody is friendly!
        Hope you have fun!


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          Hi Capey!


          Are you a student?


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            Hi there capey! Welcome from cold and frozen Northeastern Oregon, USA!

            You will love being there for that long, really you need a good amount of time to see it all, a short visit is nice but doesn't do it justice! You will have a great time!

            Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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              Wow - thanks for all the replies - like I said, very friendly!

              Well, my answer to your question regarding my 6 month stint - I believe is FATE!

              I'm intending to work and play for 6 months. My fate reasoning is I've visited Scotland twice, (only for a couple of weeks at a time) and always left with an ache in my heart. When I returned from my last trip (November 2002), I wished that I had of used my brains and got a visa and worked and lived over there. I missed out because I was 28, and the cut off was 27.

              Anyway, I found out in August 2003, the UK raised their age limit to 30. Ta da - magic, just for me! So, I decided to take this wonderful opportunity - and I'm saving like mad, the budget is very very tight at the moment, and I will have to hope that I can find a job early on in the peace!

              So that's how I'm managing to live my dream.




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                Hi there!

                Weeeeeeelllllll Heeeeellllllloooooo Capey... How on earth did I miss you before hehe; ahem! belated welcomes from a wee shy Scots lad in the Southwest (Wigtownshire)... any question about my beloved homeland then just fire away. Checkout new member Kat_24... and you see what I mean, by the way, have a wee gander at my profile, six months may not be long enough hehe ... Seriously though are you single and gorgeous... and a bit of a (Tasmanian) devil!!! only kidding, see around the boards, some really great people here, try out Desert Rose Come Here Quickly thread I think you might just have some like minded friends there, hehe... have some fun bye!
                Remember the world is tartan!


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                  Oh, my... Mr d-canmore, you are the flirter...and seems to be very confident as well - a good quality to have.

                  I've checked out your profile and had already spotted the thread 'Come Here Quickly', of course, how could I miss pages and pages of men in kilts - it would be disasterous!

                  But I was kind of hoping to see a piccy of a 'red haired, good looking, well educated, man in a kilt, posted in that thread. Does this description sound familiar....mmmmm... let me see, I think his name began with D....ha, ha, ha.

                  Thanks for the fun post, hope to chat some more around the boards.

                  Oh, and I also found your town on my map - send me some info on it, I'm interested.

                  cheers for now. 'c'


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                    Hey Queen of Queensland...

                    How the devil are you?

                    Want to know a wee bit about me place eh! okey dokey!

                    I live in the town of Stranraer in Wigtownshire, in the Southwest corner of Galloway, it has a good climate for growing palm trees and exotic plants (no kidding), it has lush rolling hills, hideaway lochs, tumbling rivers and burns, rugged beautiful coastline with lighthouses and small fishing villages such as Portpatrick, Portlogan and Drummore; it has some lovely deserted beaches and the place in whole is a haven for artists and writers many in residence. My own town is small but the largest in the area and is a good base for day trips and you can get a ferry to Ireland as well or the train/bus service to Ayr, Kilmarnock and Glasgow; with a bus service to Newton Stewart, Castle Douglas and Dumfries. Many attractions include castles, hillwalking, ponytrekking, the Southern Upland Way, golf and sailing... and not forgetting a rugged, handsome, red haired, intelligent, single Scots guy called.... ah you know!
                    Remember the world is tartan!


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                      Thanks for the info - yep, it sounds like you live in a beautiful, artsy area. I think I will be basing myself around the Isle of Skye though - what do you think, a bit of a hike to Stranraer?

                      Maybe with a little incentive (hint, hint), the travel time to Stranraer may not be so painful. Any suggestions???

                      Ah well, I see you've got your handsful with the rest of the women on this board - I might do the opposite and play hard to get.

                      I'm going to go look for your town up on the internet, and hopefully get a glimpse of it for myself.

                      Thanks again, chat to you later.



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                        Hi capey....

                        I am from Glasgow. Where are you going to stay on Skye? have you thought about it, and also where you will work?

                        We will all help.


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                          cheers Marti33

                          Thanks so much for your offer Marti. I'm still waiting for my visa to return - hopefully, I will hear something this week - I am feeling quite positive though.

                          The reason why I wanted to base myself around that area was I am really keen to explore the inner and outer hebrides (take in the celtic music fest - fingers crossed), northern highlands and the orkneys.

                          I've been in contact with a couple of work opportunites - pub work, it will be a much welcomed relief on my behalf - am hoping not to do anything related to office work (that's what my job is here, am sick to death of it.)

                          When I get my visa through, and try and finalise the job offer, I will let you know, where I will be hangin out for a few months. If my job offer doesn't look promising - I will sing out HELP MARTI!!!!.

                          thanks again....and cheers. 'c'