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    Hello everyone, I am a new member that is trying to find information on touring Scotland. I am not really interested in the big city, but more the country life. I am from the United States and am planning a trip in the summer of 2004. Thank you for any input you may have.

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    hello, KathyAnn and welcome to I am in the big city of Glasgow, which is no use to you but I think if you also post a message in the Travel forum, you might get lots of help.

    Best of luck with planning the trip.


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      Hi there kathyAnn, welcome from Oregon, where are you? Nice to meet anothere chocolate addict! LOL

      Like celyn said, check and post in travel... lots of good info there and a very helpful mod. Don't completely cut out the thought of visiting the cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow are both fascinating in their own unique ways. Edinburgh for it's rich historical nature and Glasgow for it's modern and multi cultural aspect. Both are as great as the country. If you are going in the summer, and are there in August, you might wish to be in Edinburgh for Festival.

      Where ever you go you will love it!

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        I knew something was drawing me to this thread...I heard

        Welcome kathyAnn and both Celyn and Kathy have given you good advice
        I want to add Aberdeen and Inverness to the list of cities that
        you might not want to miss, they are smaller than Edinburgh and Glasgow
        but also nice places !!

        The west coast of Scotland is the place to be bitten by midgies in
        summer not like here on the east coast !! I know where I would rather