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  • linwood

    Hi there anyone from Linwood out there.I lived there in the 60s on Watson Ave.Moved to America in 67.Now live in Arizona would like to here from you.My name is JOE Ballantyne

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    Can't help you there albajoe but welcome from Oregon! Good luck with your question! You might try posting the same question in the INN as there are more folks who visit there!

    Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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      Linwood frae Linwood

      Ugh Well Joe you never know who yea might meet when yir slummin and when a saw Linwood a nearly fell oaf my chair!!! trust all goes well wae you and say hullo to yir Faither is he still enjoyin Phoneix a know fur sure it s a VERY big change frae the Linwood . If yir interested a can send yea info on a group from Paisley a wis in their chat room and someone asked me aboot Linwood and makin a joke a telt him they had the ugliest wummen in awe Scotland!! there wuz a silence a long silence he came back oan and awe he said before he left wuz am married tae a wumman frae linwood OOOooooooPppppppssssss Take care watch fur yea oan the forum davey


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        Hi Joe and welcome to !!

        I am not in Linwood but I did know that when Davey saw your message he
        would reply to you !!

        Hope you find more people from that area to chat to !!


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          Hiya Joe,

          How's it going old pal, I lived across the back from you in Bridge of Weir Road. Posting this on the off chance you still use this site. It would be great to hear from you after all this time.


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            Joe Graham

            Hullo Joe,

            How are you doing my old friend,I have been trying to find you for years.
            Are you still in Scotland?
            Hope life has been kind to you.
            I had been going back to Scotland every year for a while as my mum moved back about 20 yrs ago.
            She passed on 2 yrs ago so I have not been back since.I live in Phoenix Arizona.
            My brother John moved back to Scotand about a year ago.He stays in Rutherglen.
            Are you on facebook?
            Looked you up on there a whole lot of Joe Grahams.
            Was just thinking of yer family a few weeks back.
            I remember your sisters baby,Wee Ann right? She was such a lovely wee girl.
            Also your brothers Gerard and Kenny.Kenny wanted to be a priest back then.Such a long time ago.
            We have been in America 47 years now.

            I will give you my email addy when you send me a private message
            Hope to hear from you soon Cheers
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              This is the best thread I have ever seen in any forum.


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                Yo Joe,

                Not too social media savvy, can't figure out how to send you a PM on this site. I'll try to track you down on Facebook. Sorry to hear about your mum my friend. Hope to speak to you soon buddy




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                  Hi Joe,if you go to Facebook lookup my name in Phoenix Arizona,not too many Ballantyne"s here.