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  • Hello

    Hello everyone!

    I just joined this board today in the hopes of gathering information about Scotland. I live in the United States--Kansas--- and attend a local community college.
    At the beginning of my Sociology class we were asked to tell what country we dream of visiting and I said Scotland, so therefore that was the country I was assigned to do this paper on The only problem is that it's due December 1st so I have to get cracking! I recently had a baby so school has definitely been challenging to say the least!
    Anyway, I look forward to participating!


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    so what do you want to know?

    I'm in Ohio. I visited Scotland last month for the second time.

    Welcome to this is a great place!



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      Hi Holly!

      Theres a lot but im not sure if this thread is where I should ask. Going down my list of things I have to cover, I can ask several of those questions on the different boards I see here. The topics I dont see covered on the boards that I need to know are:

      geographical data & distinctions (famous landmarks, etc.)
      social, global & gender stratification
      environmental issues

      Do you know where I can make these posts? Thanks for the help!



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        well culture is the general category for music, cuisine, history, etc... so really anywhere in there. C'mon Inn is a great place to post some miscellaneous stuff in general. For hard statistics like population i would use the links on the main page of or search google. for environmental issues you might try "What's happening in Scotland." ....but don't you need to site references for some of this stuff? You might want to check with your professor first about what would be acceptable sources... they may not accept a discussion board!!

        How long is this paper anyway? You've already listed enough to write a whole book!! or two... or three... hee hee!!!


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          The cultural issues my Prof. is wanting is the laguage(s) and % of the population using them...symbols that the culture of this country is associated with...the values, beliefs, norms, taboos...what values are at the core of this culture...cultural diversity....and if there is a link between culture and inequality.

          She didn't give us a limit on our bibliography and I asked if we were limited in our resources and she said no so this format will be acceptable. I've also been digging up some other websites to use but I feel like I've hit a goldmine here since I can get the information from people who actually live in Scotland and also people like you who get to travel there (I am positively GREEN with envy over that one!)

          We also aren't limited in the length of the paper, but, while it seems like a ton of information, when it's all put together it really won't be like a book lol! A friend of mine, if I can get the info quickly enough, is going to turn my research into a website that my Prof. has already approved so if it all works out, maybe I will be able to post the link to the fruits of my labors here


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            Hi hotcoffeelover! (like your name )

            Welcome to Everyone is real nice here, so enjoy yourself


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              Thank you bruntsfield!



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                ...Welcome to I am sure you will be able to have all your reqests granted somewhere in these boards. There are a lot of helpful people around and I have found that between them they are able to give answers to almost anything.
                Have fun


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                  Hi there hotcoffeelover! Cool nick, I like it! I like hot coffee, too!

                  Like Holly said, post specific questions in the INN and in the forums pertaining to what you are seeking info regarding. I can also recommend the guide books put out by Dorling Kindersley They are jam packed with cultural, historical, statistical info and give addresses to contact things like tourist info centers and museums. I have the large Great Britian one and the smaller Scotland one and find them very valuable and interesting. I got them at Walden or Barnes and Nobel, one of the larger book stores. For pictures and info from travelers, you can visit lots of first hand stuff there. Cities also have web sites you can access for info. Try a search by entering the city name. There are some map sites you may find useful, and and and My hubby and I traveled to the UK for 3 weeks last summer and these sites were very helpful in gathering info and locations.

                  Best of luck with your work and I hope you get a chance to visit Scotland, I once told a group of people my dream was to visit Scotland and about 3 years later I got to go! I have been there twice now and want to go back!

                  Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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                    I know andyj2 posted the link for Electric Scotland in Religion but many of the counties have sites as well that may be useful.

                    I really like for instance.

                    Then there is
                    While setup as a link site for geneaology and history you may be able to find additional links there that may be useful