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Hello, all.

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  • Hello, all.

    Don't be scared by the thumbs-down. Personal joke. Sorry.
    My name is Monica and I'll be your emcee for the evening.
    I'm from the US, blah-dee-blah, and I sure am tired. It's 12:24 AM. Anyhoo, I have questions about Scottish stuff.
    "Mc" and "Mac" are exclusive to Scottish lineage, right? (I know that probably sounds really moronic of me, but I've produced a variety of answers from some real shmucks who have no clue what they're talking about. I had some freak tell me it's German.) Now I'm all confuzzled. One of my ancestors was Scottish. My great-great-grandma. She's dead, though. Bummer.
    And, of course, kilts. You probably get this all the time here. What do all of the different plaids symbolize, if anything?
    Anyways, your knowledge on these topics would be greatly appreciated. Sorry I'm such an idiot. And yes, I will post here again. Mostly on the weekends, though.
    What is this? Some kind of SICK JOKE?

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    Dude, forget it, I'm lame. This is the NEW MEMBERS board. I'm such a loser. Sorry. I'll post my idiot questions somewhere else.
    What is this? Some kind of SICK JOKE?


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      Hi Monica and welcome...don't worry about posting questions here
      you are not the first and won't be the

      See you in the other forums soon !!


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        hi Monica,

        Sounds like you will be a very fun addition to

        I'm hestitant to answer these questions myself as i "think" i know the answers! There are some really cool, knowledgeable people who hang out in Genealogy and Clans, and you'll find out a whole lot by reading other posts in there, too. You can definitely get confirmed one way or another if your great-great-grandma's name was Scottish.

        I hope you get to know us socially too... this is a fun place, explore! explore!



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          Hi there Monica, welcome from Oregon. Where in the US are you? There will be folks around who will be happy to answer your questions and there are NO DUMB QUESTIONS!!!!!!Only unasked ones!

          Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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            mac is Irish too lol but definitely not German