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    Hello everyone,

    I'm new here and am looking forward to being here to meet new people and learn more about Scotland. I'm from America, California to be exact. I have wanted to visit Scotland for a very long time. I'd like to be able to visit for four weeks as I'd want to see as much as possible.

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    Hiya Jacqueline and welcome to

    I am in England just now and moving to Aberdeen early next year as
    hubby has a job to go to !!

    See you posting more soon !!


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      hi Jaqueline,

      Glad you've joined us!

      Your month plan to visit Scotland sounds wonderful.

      Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself so we can get to know you?

      I'm in Ohio, an artist, hoping to earn enough money to go to art school in Scotland for a few years.



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        ...Welcome. Don't be afraid to explore the boards here and meet some of the other members. All of them are helpful so if you have any queries just ask.
        Have fun


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          Hi there Jacqueline! Welcome from Oregon! Where in Calif. are you? I lived in San Diego when I was a kid. Enjoy your time here, there are a lot of fun folks to visit with and some great info about Scotland.

          Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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            Hi Everyone,

            Thanks for the warm welcome!

            I would like to see all of Scotland but am partial to the Highlands. It's the history of the Country that I would like to explore more of. I have done some family research and know that two of my ancestors came from Scotland. It's so far back that I don't think I could even trace the exact place that they were from. Regardless, that's not the reason I'd like to see and learn more about Scotland. I can't explain it really, it's just a yearning I have.

            I'm in the Los Angeles area, not too far from San Diego. Again, I look forward to being here and meeting new people.



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              Hello Jacqueline, welcome from, and hopefully to, Scotland.

              I hope you have a wonderful time when you do visit.
              Did you have a trip in mind, such as driving about, going with friends who live here, or that very European thing -- a rail pass?

              I never realised, until I joined this site, the number of people who have a longing to visit this country, even knowing that it has a tendency for precipitation

              I only know a few place names in CA, such as Bakersfield, Cupertino, San Diego, Los Angeles, Marin County.

              As has been said, any questions -- don't hesitate to ask.


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                Thank you for the welcome.

                I'm just now starting to really think about my trip, I have no particulars as of yet. I don't know anyone in Scotland so I'll be on my own, so to speak.

                I think I'd like to rent a car once there and travel as much as I can that way, again I have to look into it more. Any suggestions?

                I am hoping to make the trip next September/October.

                I know where all of those places are that you mentioned in your post. In fact I'll be in Marin County in the next few weeks. Do you have friends there?


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                  I don't know anyone personally from CA, just from a forum.

                  I've been to the USA twice -- once to Breckenridge, Colorado, for some snowboarding, and once to Florida/Georgia, driving about in a Buick looking for Chevy parts!

                  The stuff I know of California comes from me using Apple computers and riding a Marin Mount Vision mountain bike!

                  Try to come over in September. The days get shorter quickly now, and the weather gets colder. There's also more chance of all the visitor attractions being open.

                  In saying that, you have a better chance of wandering about at your leisure, not having to book accomodation far ahead of time.

                  There are car hire places within walking distance at Glasgow airport, but I've no idea how expensive they are. I got better deals booking my car hire for the US whilst still here in the UK. Maybe the opposite could be true for you?

                  Once over here, don't bargain on getting anywhere fast. You'll want to stop to take it all in every so often. Also, if you want to visit a few islands (I recommend it -- they have a different character), set aside a few days. In saying that, Skye is but a bridge crossing away now.


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                    Thank you so much, I will keep all that in mind when planning my trip. You've been very helpful.