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  • Hello from Nebraska

    After looking at the comments from our friends up in the Great White North, we who live further south are have our own brand of winter. Seems as if this past October was the third coldest on record. Yes we get snow in Nebraska even in October!!

    I have Scottish connections to two clans--the Frasers of Lovat and the Forsyths. Looking forward to speaking to any one of these clans or any others who wish to speak to someone currently living in Nebraska.

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    Hi there rhino. Welcome from Oregon! Seems to be a trend in the States about cold, we had a very cold October, even had a bunch of snow which is still here from a week ago! I hope you have a great time here at the site, we are a fun bunch!

    Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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      hello from Ohio

      Hi Rhino,

      We had a wee bit of snow here last week too, and I hear from my dad who is in upstate New York that they have an inch on the ground there. I have the feeling this is going to be a cold winter for many of us.

      Is your interest in Scotland mostly genealogical? Have you visited this site's genealogy or clan sections yet? I hope you have as good a time here as i have had. Welcome.