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  • Dear Babz...

    Hello. I'm from Georgia and would just about kill to go to Scotland. You are so lucky to be moving there!

    I was wondering if you would give me some tips about how to go about that. I'm going to school to be an LPN right now. So it will take a few years to get there. But the more I learn now, the less surprises I'll have later on.

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    Hi there Aurora-Anne, welcome from Oregon. I can't hlp with your question but I can suggest that you visit the Moving and Travel forums. There is a lot of great info there and the mod is very knowlagable!

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      Hi there Anne and welcome here !!

      I know I am lucky to be going to live in Aberdeen...has taken a
      few years for my hubby to decide that we will go up there !!

      Do as kathy says and look in 'Moving' at the threads by mlejoy...she
      has received lots of useful information for when she went over, then
      look in 'I made it ' by her also, she has been giving updates
      on being in Edinburgh !!

      Good luck for the future !!


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        Y'all are wonderful ! Thanks for the info.

        Oregon, huh? I hear it's one of the most beautiful states. You must love it there.

        Thanks again.


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          Oregon is very nice. I do love it! The part I live in though, is different than the popular vision of the State, we have dry and colder weather, high, HIGH mountians, up to 10 and 12 thousand feet. We get a great deal of snow and not as much rain as the smaller, wetter valley side of Oregon. There are no rain forests on this side and the landscape is rolling hills up to the mts. The area I live in reminds me a bit of the Highlands, just as dramatic only, >sniff< no heather or men in kilts!!!!LOL (other than what I have planted in my yard, heather that is!!)

          Save your cash and go visit Scotland, It's not as expensive as you might think. I saved enough to take my hubby and I to GB for 3 weeks last summer. It took me about 3 years but was worth every cent! The plane tickets were actually the most expensive item.

          Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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            Your place sounds like heaven. Of course, if it looks like the Highlands then it has to be! My sympathies on the un-kilted men.

            There are several English ladies in my church that moved here because they married American soldiers. They go "home" every year or so to visit their families. Anyway, I was talking to one of them about visiting Scotland and she said that if I saved some money, she'll take me with her the next time she goes. I nearly jumped three feet in the air, I was so excited! I figure I can go with her to England then get a hotel in Scotland and go hiking. I love to walk.

            So I'm going to save as much as I can.

            You know, that reminds me of a poem my grandmother used to say to me. Or if I were Scottish I would say, "As me auld dear departed Granmuther used ta sae..."

            "If you save all yer pennies,
            And you save all yer rocks,
            You'll always have tobaccy
            In yer ol' tobaccy box."

            I used to think that poem was so silly. But I like it now. And it's so true.

            By the way, I love your dragon.