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Scotland Rocks Baby!! Yeah!!

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  • Scotland Rocks Baby!! Yeah!!

    Hey guys!!

    I was in Scotland this summer for 3 weeks. I absolutely loved it & cant wait to go back! Can anyone recommend a good place to go for a weekend?? (somewhere cheap- i'm a broke student!!!!) Cheers guys!!!

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    Hi Savannagh and welcome to from one of the Gals !!

    It does depend where you are coming from really as to where you can stay !!

    There are bound to be loads of cheaper places to stay in both
    Glasgow and Edinburgh or do you want to be in a smaller place ??

    Try looking in the travel section for ideas, I know that there are
    some sites named there for accomodation !!

    Good hunting !!


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      Hi there savannagh! Welcome from another adict! Where do you live? I am in Oregon, USA. Enjoy yourself around here!

      Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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        howz a goin

        hay savannagh. wat part of d world r u from. i from a small town in d west of ireland called ahasgrah, it rocks ere. is savanagh ur real name. u say ur a student, wat school/collage do u go 2
        PLEASE WB
        ur friend