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  • thanks

    thank you to all members.
    i answer the question from wich part of germany i´m from
    i´m coming from baden württemberg with the city of HEIDELBERG and the river RHEIN
    i and my family stayed 15.times in scotland and my son is made in scotland. edinburgh may 1994
    and we loved scotland forever.
    2001 i show my son the first time his birthplace!!! and he was so proud to be a scotsman.

    thank you all and i hope to here your again.

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    Hi again stuart95 I hope you are cleverer than Windows95. Heidelberg sounds lovely, but I have never been there. - have only seen pictures of it.


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      OH! Heidleberg is beautiful! I took about a thousand pictures from the castle! I loved the view! and that 1 single foot print on the pavement below the window...... wonder who jumped?! All those lovely red roofs, it's enough to make you want to re-do your own roof! It took me 4 shots to get that entire vat in pictures, I had to do it in 1/4's and piece them together to make 1! That is huge! What a party it would do!

      Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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        Hi, stuart95

        Hi, it´s very rare to meet a German here. I am one too and live in Dresden. I am surprised about your lots of visits to Scotland. I spent two times there my holiday, but I plan to go again next year to discover the Highlands.
        If you want e-mail me for interchange experience.

        many greetings


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          Re: Hi, stuart95

          I think this is neat. My Celtic/Polish and maybe some German way back when great grandfather (my mother's father's father)was born in Heidelberg! He told me that it was the home of the Black Forest and that the Celts used to range there centuries ago! So maybe it is not so odd you be here after all lol! I loved the tales of Trolls and stuff like that, the Germans have some cool folklore! The Black Forest captured my heart and I truly hope to see it someday....and all those castles along the Rhine and Rhone a friend brought back some of the coolest pictures on earth....a fairytale land you have indeed! You both are very welcome here! Do you know any good ghost stories?

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          What is the use of intelligence when one lacks compassion for the life around oneself? And what is the point of beauty, when one's heart isn't one's loveliest feature?