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  • Living in London

    I am from Scotland but now live in London. There is a lot I miss about Scotland, especially the friendly natives. What I don't miss however is the weather. in Edinburgh,even on a summer's day you still get that cool breeze. Maybe 30 plus years south of the border has made me a bit soft! However that wind rushing up the Waverley Steps in January is something that sticks in my memory even today.

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    Hi carnock and welcome to !!

    I bet you do miss loads about Scotland, I have noticed that the scots
    are so friendly, but I am

    I at the moment live in North Lincolnshire but by the end of the
    year hopefully will be living in that will

    Hope to se you posting in the other forums soon !!


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      Hi there Carnock, welcome to the site. Do you make a visit on occasion to Scotland? I would if I was as close as London! (6 hours is better than 6,000 miles!)LOL

      Hope to visit with you more!

      Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!