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  • Yet another Scot...

    Yes, being Scottish, and called Scott, I immediately tried to register as Scotty or Scottydog, but funnily enough, those were taken.

    Who would've thunk it?

    Well, I'm near Glasgow, ride motorcycles locally and touring Scotland, and in my mid twenties.

    I've not had a chance to see if you folks do a virtual bar or whatever, but my card is behind the bar for anyone that wants a pint of Gillespie's or a wee malt.


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    Hi scottaldo
    welcome to

    virtual bar.. hmmmm... I do believe one used to live in the Com on Inn forum.. or you can come visit us in the Personals section where every thread is one big ole party

    Hope to see you posting around..
    Have a great day


    Just how deep do you believe?
    Will you bite the hand that feeds?
    Will you chew until it bleeds?
    Can you get up off your knees?
    Are you brave enough to see?
    Do you want to change it?
    --NIN 'The Hand That Feeds'


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      Helloooooo Scottaldo and Welcome Aboard

      Yes....visit us in the Personals. There isn't a bar but there is alot of drinking and spanking and cavorting and carressing. Hee Hee. But that's if you are into that type of thing.

      *hugs* and welcome my dear one


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        Thanks for the welcome.
        Sounds right up my street.

        Cool personal pics by the way.

        I've made a few posts already.


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          Excellent....well, when you get time...come on by


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            Hiya Scottaldo from a sunny England today !!

            There is a bar in the Inn if you want to drop in and chat !!

            If not see you around the boards soon !!

            Have favourite tipple is


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              Hi scottaldo.
              Where can you get Gillespie's? have not seen it for a while. Been having to drink Guinness! but did prefer the sweeter taste of Gillespie's
              GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT---Guinness


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                I think you're more likely to get Gillespie's in Edinburgh. Round these part it's a pint of heavy or nothing.


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                  I'll think i will stick to Guinness. Edinburgh is too far away for a pint
                  GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT---Guinness


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                    Hi there Scottaldo, welcome from Oregon,USA! We have sun here, too! Not to be outdone by Merrye Olde England!!!!!

                    There are several bar threads, join one, OR better yet, start your own!

                    Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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                      Hi Scottaldo and welcome to the message boards. I am also in Glasgow. No motorbike though!

                      Still, that means all the more drink for me, doesn't it?

                      cackle cackle cackle


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                        Hi Scott

                        Hiya Scott...and everyone else too.


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                          There I was just shutting down the computer, and an email came through saying I had another reply to this thread.

                          Well, I had to take a look.

                          Sunny? SUNNY? Don't talk to me about sunny. The rain and wind here has been heavy for three days.

                          Oh well, it'll wash the streets for me.

                          There seems to be quite a few women moderators. I'm sure there's a discussion could be had out of that.

                          I missed a couple of replies, so hello to kathyv, Celyn and misswanderlust.

                          I'm going to open that bar we spoke of...


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                            Re. "quite a few women moderators", well of course, we are all all SO good. Only joking. There is also Neil Caple, Joachim, Maddog McClaymore, and Marhar though, so we women have not taken over the world just yet.


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                              Hello Scott. I know you might get asked this alot, but what is it like living in Scotland? Is it as beautiful as all the pics I see suggest? I live in the U.S. Do you find yourself taking for granted the fact that you live in a place so rich in history? Sorry about all the questions, when I get out of college I am going to Scotland for a long vacation. I just want to know all that I can about the land and the people living in it. Who knows, maybe I'll move! It is awfully cold there though isn't it? I live in the Southern U.S. where we have very hot summers and mild to moderate winters.