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Greetings! ......I love Scotland!

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  • Greetings! ......I love Scotland!


    I live in Ohio... and i've absolutely fallen in love with Scotland and things Scottish, both ancient and new. And I've been on quite a Scottish odyssey of late! Everywhere I turn I see signs.... is it Scotland herself calling me home?...

    I think so!!!!!

    Almost two years ago I made a Scottish friend online. Last year, I decided to take my first overseas trip EVER... and I went alone to Aberdeen. I absolutely LOVED it! It is one of the most wonderful memories I have in my life and always will be.

    I knew I had some Scottish blood in me... my mother's maiden name is Daniels, and I always felt closest to her family. But little did I know the name originated in Aberdeen... and that THAT is where my ancestors sailed from to America so long ago!!! Doo-doo doo-doo, Doo-doo doo-doo (Twilight Zone!) What are the chances that on my very first voyage overseas I would travel to the VERY CITY in the whole world that originated the family name I feel closest to? hmmmmmm.... spooky!

    Recently I was contacted by a cousin who now lives in Israel, and does family genealogy on my father's side. Growing up I always thought of myself as American, and certainly that is a fact, but now I am amazed to learn how much Scottish blood I have in me on both sides... Daniels (mother's maiden name), Lord, Forbes (my father's first name, named after his grandmother's family name), MacIntyre (Scotch-Irish), Henderson (my dad's mum), Urquhart, and a couple of other Scottish names have turned up so far. It's starting to look like I have bloody little else in me! [grin]

    I'm a prime example that the Scots settled America!!!

    Anyway... I will make my second trip to Scotland before the year is out, and I'm going to look into returning to college there... to study art... in part because I would like to spend some extended time in Scotland. So on my trip I hope to visit the school in Glasgow, among others.

    I really look forward to meeting people at this website, and hope to learn more about you soon!


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    Hi Holly,
    Welcome to the forum! I think you'll enjoy it here. I'm from Rochester, NY and I feel the same connection to Scotland that you do. I have ancestors from the Clan Gordon and the Clan Lindsay. But, alas, unlike you, I have yet to make my first overseas voyage. I'm saving for it though! I want to see everything there is to see, but particularly Inverness, the Highlands, Orkney, and the Hebrides. Take care.


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      Hello, hollyElise. Greetings from Glasgow and welcome to Your certainly do seem to have a fine collection of Scottish names in your family! So what are your planning to study if you come to Glasgow?


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        Hi there HollyElise, welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy your time here and meet a lot of great folks.

        Be sure to visit the National Gallery in Edinburgh when you go to Scotland, it's wonderful and if you like art, it's a great place to see some Scottish artists work.

        Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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          thank you!

          Thank you everyone for a wonderful welcome!

          GWEN, round trip tickets to Scotland are rather cheap at the moment, partly because it's off-season... about $460 or less round trip from Cleveland, so it'd be even cheaper for you from New York. And Scotland has many delightful and inexpensive bed & breakfasts... particularly in the highlands and the north. I saw as low as 25 pounds a night with a shared bath and a breakfast so hearty it can last you til dinner! I think I can do a week long trip for as little as $1000... If you think you can do this and want to know more, let me know and I'll give you more details on where to find cheap tickets and B&B's online. I haven't publicly posted my email yet... does this website have U2U messaging? (that's where you can email others without knowing their address).

          CELYN, I plan to study photography and possibly painting as well. I have studied some photography here and actually run a photography co-operative with darkrooms for a college. I like doing slightly quirky portraits, and photos of old buildings or parts of them that set certain moods, and sometimes I like using primitive cameras like pinholes or Holgas. I have sold some of my photos, had commissions, and exhibited a little. I'm also a fairly good painter. I wish I could show you... it's my hope to set up a website this year.

          KATHY, I loved the large gallery in Aberdeen, which also had a fine collection of traditional Scottish art.. though I confess I was more interested in what artists are doing today. When I was there though... they also had a wonderful exhibit of Pompei art and a very dynamic juried show of current Scottish and European ceramicists... from printing or transferring photos on ceramics to wonderful rustic looking stuff.

          Are any of you artists?