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New Member, planning to attend the U of Edinburg

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  • New Member, planning to attend the U of Edinburg

    I'm Yvonne. I'm looking for anyone who maybe attending the University of Edinburgh. I'm planning to attend the fall of 2003. I have had a dream to come to Scotland and I decided to take advantage of if through school and make pleasure out of it. I need the 411 on the area around the college, house, etc. Sure, I could get it off the internet but I would rather get the 411 from someone who's there already.

    Looking forward to the info!

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    Hii there, and welcome to My suggestion is that you have a look in the Moving forum, and especially at some threads by a member named mlejoy because mlejoy was asking about study in Edinburgh, and has in fact just departed for these shores, or at any rate is just about to. Not sure which!

    So, you might find that a lot of her questions are the same things that you want to know. Very clever timing!

    And post your own questions there, and I am sure you will get lots of advice.

    Good luck!


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      Hi there a_scotish_lasse! Welcome to the site. You will enjoy Edinburgh, it is a beautiful city. Good luck in school!

      Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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        Welcome lassie to !!

        I hope that mlejoy's threads in moving will be of help to you, if
        there is anything else you want to know just ask, someone will
        answer !!

        Good luck