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  • Not Much Replies for a New Member


    I recently joined this forum and I must say that it is a very quiet forum. Being new, I would expect to get alot more responses. Maybe I should make my message a bit more exciting or maybe I should put a nake pic there lol - just joking!!! That might get your attention.

    Anyway, hope to hear from more people.



    Live Life to the Fullest!!!

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    Keep surfing around the forums and do more posting. You will get responses. Join in some existing discussions around and about, we are a chatty group and like to visit!

    A word of advice, if you DO post naked pics, WARN US! LOLheeheehee

    Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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      Hi themis,

      Bad idea about naked

      As kathy says post in other forums and people will reply eventually,
      we are going through a quiet spell at the moment but things will
      liven up when the bad weather comes and no-one goes out !!


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        Bad weather is here in Rochester, New York. Cold and pouring rain! Good night to stay in.


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          Welcome Themis

          Exactly cold and cloudy here today.

          But I haven't been online for a week.


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            You are slipping away from here for a week !!

            Hopefully with it being the weekend we will get more members
            coming in and posting !!


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              Yeah Babz somehow colds and computers do not mix.

              But I am back now lol


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                Hey themis

                So you are looking for new friends? Dont you worry - they will appear before you know it. Here is one for you - me!
                Im a guy from Sweden 37 years old a single father with two kids 12 & 13.
                What about you? Some info would be nice.
                Bye from Anger
                Im just a kind of crazy Swede


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                  Re: Colds and Welcomes

                  Well I type this sniffling in my robe...I godda code Bwahhhhh!!! Garfield the cat is cuter sick than I am. If you see my nose run past you tell the silly thing to get home! Welcome to our special place in cyberspace...make yourself at home and be glad you aren't sitting over coffee with me in my kitchen...after you caught this bug you would be chasing me off with my broom lol!
                  You are right Mamie I can barely see the screen and all this sneezing had better stop soon or I'll blow out my screen!

                  [QUOTE]Originally posted by Mamie
                  [B]Yeah Babz somehow colds and computers do not mix.

                  What is the use of intelligence when one lacks compassion for the life around oneself? And what is the point of beauty, when one's heart isn't one's loveliest feature?


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                    exactly and since this fancy computer of mine is not yet paid for I DO not sneeze on it lol.


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                      HI Themis380
                      large numbers of replies does not happen overnight some of the threads you see with endless pages where originaly posted years ago. and the subject matter changes as above posts shows. I still have a thread in the health catagory with not one reply! mind you I would not reply to it myself. LOL!! and I don't know if a naked picture would help ,but it might be worth a try hehehe.
                      GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT---Guinness


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                        Sometimes I'm not very patient,but I suppose that could be a good thing. Depends how you look at it. The picture thing-well lets just say, it just might scare alot of people away if I did post it. Don't worry, no plans on doing that. I don't think I have any naked pics anyway!!!


                        Live Life to the Fullest!!!!


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                          I am the 105th visitor to your thread so there can't be any reason to be paranoid about yourself!

                          OOh my goodness i'm getting worried now. I checked my spelling of paranoid in the " geddes&grosset English dictionary" and i can't find it!!!!!.
                          maybe I have had to much to dr
                          GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT---Guinness


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                            Hi Donald,

                            I think we all have our moments, but I 'm not paranoid about people replying to my post.

                            I was just making a general comment. Afer a long day of working, times what your thinking and writing doesn't always come out the way you want it to.

                            I won't loose any sleep, if people don't reply to my posts.

                            Hope all is well with you. Maybe you have had too many drinks!!! lol hehehe.


                            Live Life to the Fullest


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                              *Caugh* *Caugh* Sneeeeeeze!

                              I feel terrible and when I feel this bad, the only thing I like to do is sit in my puter chair and chat or type in my favorite forum. I hate cleaning the house when i'm sick!
                              As for nude pictures, my husband chats at a forum called Opeth and i've seen some crazy and sick nuddy pics. Old men, Old women, models, but this forum is for Heavy Metal Music lovers. I couldn't imagine someone posting that crazy stuff here.

                              Times spent together are never wasted..