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  • cheerio

    gday no personal scottish links but married to a mclean who plays tenor drum in pipe band at one stage all ten members of her family were in a pipe band with her father as pipe major like to hear from anyone with similar interests am aussie gods country

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    Hello, tenor and welcome to Greetings from Glasgow. By the way, when we say "Cheerio" over here, we mean "goodbye", so that could be confusing.! I don't play pipes myself, but I think we have a few pipers around the site. I hope you find it all interesting anyway. Coincidentally, as I write this, I am also looking at an Aussie site from Tasmania.


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      I thought from the title of the topic that you were leaving us but
      I am pleased that you are not !!

      Welcome to Scotland.Com and I hope that you stay awhile and get to
      know us in all of the forums !!

      I do not play the pipes but do like listening to them !!


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        Hello tenor
        Welcome to Hope you enjoy it here.

        How is it there in aussie country?

        Enjoy and have fun


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          Hi there tenor! welcome! I don't play the pipes either but wish I did! I have a chanter and can blow in it! I do play the drums a bit and played the bass drum in a marching band in high school, many, many (many) years ago! I must argue with you about God's country! LOL There are several places that qualify, including my tiny corner of Oregon! See you around!

          Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!