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  • Generous Hosts !

    Call me Mr Schadenfreude, but I nearly sprayed a mouthful of morning coffee over my PC when I read the news - 7 -1 !!! Then I started to laugh ! The hosts not only were beaten on home ground in the semi-final, but were flattened !

    I guess part of my reaction was the thought of a North European team preventing a South American final in emphatic fashion and putting the kybosh on their overblown belief in themselves.

    I guess the other part was the thought of the looks here on Omani faces.

    For weeks they've been buying Brazilian and Argentine shirts and pretending to be fans. But that's what arabs are like - they want instant success and glory, they don't want to work for it and face the downs as well as the ups. They don't want to support a team which struggles to get a foot in the door (like we have to do). It's easy to support a top team.

    So now, a top European team (whose shirts I have not seen locals wear) kick them in the face big time ! It's the thought of all those Omani males (and their Saudi and UAE cousins) stuck for who to support next. If Argentina lose, they'll be well out of teams. Priceless !