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Recruiting participants for sports & exercise psychology dissertation research

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  • Recruiting participants for sports & exercise psychology dissertation research

    Hi everyone, my name is Liam Nisbet and I'm currently a fourth year Honours student at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow & I'm looking for people who would be kind enough to spare 10 minutes to fill out an online survey that would be really helpful to me and the research I am trying to conduct.

    I am looking to assess the relationship between participation in different forms of sport and how this can then have an effect on aspects of our personality. All answers given are anonymous, therefore, I am not able to identify the participant by the information they disclose. And if you could also pass this on to any friends or family that you know who also participate in sports it would be so so appreciated! Even people who do not participate in any sports can still take part in the questionnaire.

    The link provided at the bottom of this post will take you directly to the questionnaire. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and thank you in advance to anyone who is able to take the time to complete the questionnaire.

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    Hi Liam - your link states that you have to confirm that you have read an info sheet prior to commencing but I can't see the info sheet???


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      Hi Mikey, appears to have been a glitch in the system. Thanks very much for bringing it to my attention. You should now be able to view the information sheet for the study.