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Community control in football.

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  • Community control in football.

    With what's happened at Stirling Albion and now Dunfermline not to mention the Foundation of Hearts looking to be preferred bidders for Hearts - I reckon more clubs should consider fan/ community ownership.

    And, as with crofting estates and island communities, shouldn't we get some kind of government support? It's the next logical step from independence.

    Tocasaid: Community control in Scottish football?
    Chan eil mo shil air Calbharaigh
    no air Betlehem an igh
    ach air cil ghrod an Glaschu
    far bheil an lobhadh fis,
    agus air semar an Dn ideann,
    semar bochdainn s cridh,
    far a bheil an naoidhean creuchdach
    ri aonagraich gu bhs.
    Somhairle MacGill-Eain

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    as far as i know in most of the countries in northern Europe the fan base has to own more than 51% of the club

    doubt it will ever happen here tho unless fifa make it a rule