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Oban Mosque ?

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  • Oban Mosque ?

    Hi all, does Oban have a mosque ?

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    I'm pretty sure that there isn't. It would probably be best to contact the Central Mosque in Glasgow and ask them:


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      It doesn't ? That's good. If I come back to live, it'll be good to get away from all that !


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        Is it hearing the Adhan that is bothering you, or just life there in general? Personally I love the sound of the Adhan, but then I don't have to listen to it 5 times per day.

        I know that every time I hear a particular type of laugh here it sets my teeth on edge. Who would have known that a culture could have a different way of laughing?

        If I get to Oban first I will let you know.


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          If there were I dont think that they'd be allowed to do the call to prayer - they don't do it at the central mosque because there were som many complaints from nieghbours.


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            Come to think of it Mikey Boab, I work two streets away from the only mosque for our region and have not heard the Adhan once.

            There is also a notice asking people attending not to park in front of the mosque in case it upsets the neighbours.


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              Well that's quite reasonable!

              As an aside, I read a really nice article on the BBC about a church somewhere in Scotland (can't remembe where it was) that was allowing an overspill from the mosque next door to use the church facilities for their prayer because there wasn't enough space in the mosque. How cool is that?


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                In fact here it is:

                BBC News - Christian Church opens doors to Muslims


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                  As you!

                  I remember in the mid 80's one of our churches in Dunfermline allowed it to be used for muslim prayer each Friday for about a year whilst the locals sought their own premises to convert to a mosque.

                  How times have changed.
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                    That would be b). It gets to you after you're here too long at one time without a break ! Unfortunately (hard luck story coming !) we're trying like b*gg*ry to save for our kids' future college fees and our eventual retirement, so we're not going on holiday for the foreseeable (not since 2013). But we are ensuring our kids can get away on breaks away from here even if we can't. All the expats I know get away and don't take holidays here. Even the shortest long-weekend holiday results in many of them going to Dubai. After a while you just need to get out. The dangerously moronic driving, the arrogant attitudes, boredom of this place etc get to you after a while. Unfortunately, work-wise for me it's the only show in town and I've made my bed etc (too old now to get a job elsewhere). Still - keep smiling

                    (I have to confess too that I read the Daily Mail online (sorry Tig !) and the UK immigration stories and religious extremism stories (of a certain religion) do wind me up a bit - so that doesn't always help me keep a pragmatic view).

                    To be honest, the day to day mosque / worshipping routine don't trouble me in the least and I respect that people follow their faith - and it's their country.


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                      Hey Lachlan09, I feel your pain.

                      Yours in not a hard luck story so never regard it as that. Its a common migrant tale, wrong choice, wrong place, wrong time. Its a similar story to millions of other migrants who found the country we moved to was the wrong fit for us, much of it due to the lies told at immigration road shows and false information on-line.

                      Like you, we are delaying our return to Scotland as we know we will struggle to find employment, partly due to our age.

                      Meanwhile life goes on in a daily tedium and we smile and try to make the best of it.

                      If only I liked rugby, netball, cycling, power walking around the streets, hard drinking, or playing indoor bowls with very very old people, I would probably like it here.....

                      We have had one holiday in 6 years. Longer working hours and a pittance of a wage in a country where everything is more expensive (except petrol), has put us back about 20yrs and not in a good way.

                      I guess I am lucky in that I can speak out when I am the victim of Xenophobia or tall poppy syndrome, whereas you will not have that same freedom of speech.

                      I hope you have an independent support system out there that allows you to vent. Holding this stuff in can kill you.


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                        Youíre right. Iím lucky that my family are my strength and I can moan to my son and daughter. My son particularly is on the same wavelength. Thereís nothing here for foreigners below 21. Those above are here because theyíre working. My son is 20 and training to be a chef at the Gulf chef school run by a Scotsman. As soon as he can, my son wants to go to Belgium to work (his g/f is Belgian). My wife is Philippine so she has a decent group of people to fall back on. My daughter has her school-friends. But at least Iíve got my pub quiz team on a Tuesday (yes pubs are still open Ė so far !) but the increasingly influential longbeards are trying to get the ministries to ban alcohol and reckon it wonít affect tourism because foreign tourists will be happy just to look at their dried-up mountains for 2 weeks ! As it is, live bands in hotels are now banned, as are live concerts outside, though in a weird reprieve, Ed Sheeran is here next month.

                        One problem is you canít show frustration or be peeved about something to a local. If you get too involved or displeased, good chance is theyíll call the police and youíll be carted off. They can say all they want to you though. About 2 months ago, I nearly got into a lot of trouble at work. A local woman in document control came to me demanding (yes Ė demanding) I do a certain action. I had already done it and had been waiting DCís response in order to do the next stage. She just didnít see it that way and we went round in circles. Eventually I was peeved and smacked my desk with my hands. She ran off uttering threats. When I thought I better apologise, she refused to accept and said she was going to e-mail someone up top in the organization. That could have seen me kicked out as no doubt she had high connections. So I ate sh*t apologising and even bought her a big box of Thorntonís chocs. She eventually accepted my groveling and my job was saved. Iím a 62 year old department leader quantity surveyor and she is a thirty-something doc control assistant and yet she could get me removed.

                        Itís like walking on eggshells here but at least the weatherís nice !


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                          You need a holiday . . .


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                            Originally posted by mikeyBoab View Post
                            You need a holiday . . .
                            I would worry that going on holiday to a different country would only amplify the negatives when he got back. I know going to Australia for a week was like having a drink of water after a year in the desert, or getting a weekend pass from jail.

                            The inability to speak your mind would drive me insane. We get dumbed down here the minute we open our mouths and have to downskill ourselves just to humbly fit in. That anger can turn inwards and seriously affect health and relationships.

                            I can only hope your pub quiz friends and not the 'stiff upper lip' breed.

                            Hang in there Lachlan09 and know that others understand your predicament. Be careful of reading too many other migrant tales as the frustration they create only fuels that anger.

                            Just focus on getting back to your homeland one day.

                            We are of similar age. Maybe we should join forces and buy a nice wee house near Braemar and do bed and breakfast at special rates for all our lovely members here planning trips to Scotland.