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    The issue of sin was settled, it is a son issue today, not a sin issue. Will man accept what Jesus Christ accomplished or will they reject it, the son is the issue with God today. Godís attitude of love forces no one to take him at his word. God gives all the choice to accept what Christ accomplished on their behalf today, or to reject it. God purchased man out of sins dominion never to be returned to the market place of sin again. By removing the sin issue from the table of Godís justice, God effectively canceled Satanís ownership of all mankind. Reconciliation has to do with Godís justice being satisfied for sins, reconciliation is a sin issue. The just do, in fact, live by faith, but it is not their sinless lives that allow them to be called just; they do not live sinless lives. True faith is believing that God raised Christ from among the dead, thus, because of the resurrection of Christ, those who believe in what Jesus accomplished are secure in their redemption.
    2 Timothy 2:15, approved where? At the Judgement Seat of the Savior. A workman worthy of Godís praise rightly dividing the word of truth.

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    Superstition is fading from humanity. Superstition is the product
    of paganism.

    Paganism was blatant in your face - BATTLE RELIGION.

    Whereas christianity contradicts itself, where morality is concerned -
    we are allowed to be good or bad. The bad will be justified
    by royalty [ in warfare etc..]

    If it benefits royalty, it is ok if we are bad.

    Royalty used to tell us, the pagan gods were real
    and the women of ancient Britain displayed the following
    behaviour, as a result...

    '.....The men, who are the ones who actually have to risk life and limbs,
    are often rather reluctant, so that the women begin to taunt, harass and
    offend the man by symbolically or verbally doubting his manliness and
    courage. Such insults have only one solution Ė the man has to prove
    himself and ends up doing what the woman wants. Many skaldic verses
    refer to the cruel taunts of women and the hope that their bloodlust
    may be satisfied by manly deeds and blood sacrifice.[4] The women
    of these stories appear oblivious to or careless about the risk of losing
    their loved ones, caring only for their valor and honor, which was
    more important than continued life...'

    Today , they cannot incite us in superstition, so they
    must fabricate wars / invasions. [Iraq prime example]

    The pagan kings then decided to tell us the gods were fake.

    The children of these kings [ gildas ] then put on a different
    outfit to convert us again to a new royal scheme.

    The truth is coming out.