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Is it time to take religion out of Scotlands schools?

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  • Is it time to take religion out of Scotlands schools?

    I'm becoming worried about organised religion's increasing influence in Scotland. This is particularly noticeable by the recent rise in sectarian violence and the strenuous campaigning by church groups to block government plans for equality for gay people in respect to marriage.

    Of course the bitter sectarian violence and hatred we see on the terraces and in our streets didn't just happen, it is a generational problem, passed on to our children at the very earliest age by labelling as "them" and "us" different religious groups.

    We further emphasise this tribal culture by separating children into different places of education. Shouldnít we consider the purpose of education? Arenít schools a place to teach children facts?

    The difficulty about integrating religion with factual learning is that children end up being confused; it becomes difficult for them to differentiate fact from fiction.

    Which of the following statements are true?

    1) The atomic weight of cobalt is 58.933195

    2) The talking snake theory:

    Snakes used to have legs until one of them opened his mouth and gave Eve (the first woman) some bad dieting advice.

    After God kicks Adam and Eve (the first humans) out of his Garden for listening to a talking snake, they begin to populate the Earth (incestuously of course)

    What if you were seven and I, your teacher and an authority figure told you that they were, in fact, both true?

    At this point I should point out that I'm not against Christianity being promoted in schools, I'm against any unproven doctrine, dogma and superstition being promoted in schools.

    This brings me nicely to another point, if parents want to brainwash their children with superstitious nonsense then, reluctantly, I must admit that they have that right.

    It should not be financed however, through any subsidy from the state, why should the tax from memberís one religious sect subsidise the promotion of another?

    It ought not to be taught in primary or secondary schools whether those schools are publicly funded or not. After school clubs and church study groups are the proper place for people with such an agenda to indoctrinate their children.

    If I have offended anyone with this post, please be assured that that was not my intention. My intention is merely to spark debate about an issue which has for too long, been left on the shelf by our politicians for fear of upsetting the sensibilities of religionists.

    In the meantime Scotland hangs its head in shame as news reports flash around the world showing what a bigoted, hateful country we are becoming. Sectarianism has long been a problem in Scotland and like any problem which is generational, it shall take generations to root out, but root it out we must and we must start with the very next generation, in our schools.

    My tuppence worth!
    What do you think?

    Best regards,

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    Schools should always be places where children learn evidence based facts and to think for themselves free from religious adults dictating what they should believe.
    Religion in all its shapes and forms (Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc) clogs and clouds minds.


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      ""clogs and clouds minds""

      Which is ideal preparation for indoctrination.

      It is long past time to remove superstition from education, especially for under 20's.


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        The distant forefathers of the royal family were educated first.
        They took advantage of this and exploited it.

        While hunter gatherers were still imitating animal cries, we had
        groups of educated humans forming gangs with oaths, which
        turned into royalty.

        From that distant time, information has been supressed by
        royalty and the 'elite' [ for want of a better word ].

        Only some centuries ago, was education [via religion]
        approved by royalty - for the citizens.

        They use religion to confine our knowledge and our spirit.

        Now people have the internet and the truth is coming out.

        They cannot supress anymore so are nearing red alert,
        as the citizens remember.

        I mean, only as late as the 1800's was love encouraged
        as a foundation for marriage . Prior to this, we sold our children.

        Royalty neglected society and abused society. Society rebelled and our recent
        forefathers afforded us our rights today.

        I say it is time for freedom from the elite and time
        to investigate the elite. Hold people to account
        for usurping what is our own personal salvation.