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    I'm thinking of getting a new dog. Ideally a smallish dog, but nit to small. Can stay indoors when we are there but outside at night. And won't shed hairs all over the place. Any suggestions??
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    If you don't want to have hair, look at poodles, they don't shed like other dogs. Don't believe also that because a dog may have very short hair, such as on a pug, that it won't shed much. The pugs I know shed worse than my corgi, and SHE sheds a lot.

    Poodles are also non-allergenic, and they are pretty smart. You can find them in various sizes so you aren't limited to huge or tiny. You do have a certain amount of maintenance to do on the coat, clipping for control or into a shape if you want a clip, or just keeping things from tangling if you opt not to clip.

    A couple of links.
    Dogs That Don't Shed--Small, Medium and Large Breeds
    Dog Breeds That Don't Shed Much | Petside

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      Two months ago, Bart, our lovely family companion Cavalier King Charles, died just short of 10 years old. We bought him as a little puppy from Mrs Hall at Muffity Cavaliers, in Dartford, Kent. When we moved to Oman in 2006, we brought him with us (he cost more to fly than we did ! ). But one day recently, he appeared with a swollen stomach and suddenly collapsed. He died on the way to the vet. He had a twisted stomach which fatally compressed his heart, something I'd never heard of.

      With a depression in the family surroundings, we decided to look for another puppy. My wife wanted a dog a little bigger this time, for home security. We heard of a South African couple who had a medium-large-ish puppy for adoption as they were leaving the country. At their home, we met Tyson, a 12 month cross, who they told us was part-Boxer. He was very friendly and lively. Since then, he's been hard to ignore. He wants petting a lot and if he feels ignored, he lets you know. He also likes tricks to perform. His hearing is acute and he starts barking before anyone's near the door yet. However, left alone, he's proved very destructive and left us with second thoughts. He's also very strong and muscly and difficult to control on a lead. I have to admit, he's a bit hard to handle. I've thought we might have to pass him on and try for a smaller dog.

      Yesterday, as the ticks he had when the South Africans gave him to us (due to walks in the wadis) have been mainly eradicated but their offspring still persist, the vet where I went to buy shampoo from told us to bring him in for a course of medical washes. So, in the vet, she asked me what I knew about Tyson. I said he was part-Boxer. The vet then said "Well, I can't really see any Boxer in him but he's certainly Pit Bull, crossed with something a little taller".

      I nearly sh*t myself ! I imagined our throats bitten out while we sleep and hoped he wouldn't want revenge for the times I've pushed him down when he leaps up on the sofa to lick my face !

      The vet said that if we wanted to place him for adoption, we would soon find a home for him as Rottweilers, German Shepherds and Pit Bulls are popular in Oman. I later heard that Rotties and Pit Bulls are also dog-nap targets for the illegal but thriving dog-fighting market.

      She said he needs strong control and domination (not what I'm good at) but if we keep him, to get him neutered, which will instantly calm him down. (It would certianly calm me down if they did it to me !).


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        Originally posted by Pferris View Post
        I'm thinking of getting a new dog. Ideally a smallish dog, but nit to small. Can stay indoors when we are there but outside at night. And won't shed hairs all over the place. Any suggestions??
        How about a Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless) .
        As the name suggests , they don't shed hair ,
        and also , they eat spam